Brotherhood's FJP describes Sunday violence as 'massacre,' calls for international investigation
, Sunday 6 Oct 2013
Brotherhood Freedom & Justice Party and pro-Morsi Alliance to Support Legitimacy criticise security forces handling of protests surrounding 6 October celebrations

The political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), described Sunday's events as a "new massacre against peaceful protesters."

The party, in a media statement, has called for an international investigation into the murder of Morsi supporters by "police in civilian uniforms, snipers, and thugs protected by the army and police."

Meanwhile, the pro-Morsi Alliance to Support Legitimacy, a coalition of Islamist forces, accused Egyptian security of double standards in "preventing from peaceful protest and protecting the marches of pro-army supporters."

Tens were killed and hundreds injured Sunday as pro-Morsi protesters clashed with security forces and pro-military crowds celebrating the 1973 anniversary of the war with Israel.