Syrian ambassador addresses 'Free Radwan' demonstrators
Yassin Gaber, Wednesday 30 Mar 2011
The Syrian ambassador addresses a crowd of peaceful demonstrators, making little reassurances or clarifications regarding the case of Egyptian-American detainee Mohammed Radwan

The Syrian Ambassador to Egypt, Yusuf Al-Ahmad, addressed a group of "Free Radwan" demonstrators today on the steps of the Syrian embassy in Dokki, Cairo. Maha Samadony, Mohammed Radwan's mother, stood next to the ambassador as he spoke regarding the detainment of her son.

Al-Ahmad stated that during Egypt's uprising, Syrians were also taken by authorities and held. He asserted that this was part and parcel of any unrest in any country. Mohammed Radwan, he continued, was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and if he is indeed innocent, it is only a matter of time before he is released. He emphasised that the Syrian authorities picked up several people on 25 March during clashes at the Ummayad mosque in Damascus. It will take time, according to Al-Ahmad, for the authorities to go through and investigate each one.

When asked whether Mohammed's father or an Egyptian official could be allowed to visit Mohammed, the ambassador stated that it was against the government's policy to do so until full investigations are carried out.

Maha stood peacefully next to the ambassador and on more than one occasion tried to prevent any interruptions or signs of protest. Afterwards, she stated that she, more than anything, wished to see her child to be assured of his safety and well being.

Until now the Syrian authorities have made no allegations nor raised any charges against Radwan.