Egyptian engineer Khaled El-Gaiesh released by Syrian authorities
Ahram Online, Monday 4 Apr 2011
Khaled El-Gaiesh is released ‎after a week in detention as Egypt's foreign affairs ministry lauds the two country's 'distinguished relations'

Egyptian computer engineer Khaled El-Gaiesh, who was arrested in Syria a week ago, was released ‎on Monday, stated Mohamed Abdul-‎Hakam, foreign minister's assistant for Egyptians abroad. ‎

El-Gaiesh, who works for a Swiss Beirut-based company, disappeared all of a sudden in the ‎city of Homs. He travelled to Syria after being invited by friends. ‎

He set off overland through Aleppo on Sunday, 27 March but mysteriously went AWOL. His ‎whereabouts remained unknown as his cell phone was out of service.‎

Abdul-Hakam said: “The release of El-Gaiesh was accomplished because of the ‎distinguished relations between Egypt and Syria, and in response to calls and efforts made ‎by the [Egyptian] foreign ministry in this matter.‎

‎“It also reflects the great attention the foreign ministry pay to the Egyptians who lives ‎abroad,” he added. ‎

Abdul-Hakam says El-Gaiesh, 26, is flying back to Lebanon.‎

Another engineer Mohamed Radwan, an Egyptian-American, was detained by Syrian ‎authorities for around a week and released on 1 April.‎

He was caught up in pro and anti-government clashes on 25 March at the Umayyad ‎Mosque in Damascus.‎