Zamalek's stars demand their salaries
Mahmoud Mohamed, Sunday 10 Apr 2011
The management threatens to rearrange the financially challenged team after the players lodge a complaint

Zamalek president Galal Ibrahim revealed that he will ask the team tactician, Hossam Hassan, to play the Premier League game against Haras El Hodoud with the youth team players if the first team stars refused to complete their contracts with the club.

“I will ask Hossam Hassan to play Haras El Hodoud game with the youth players” Galal Ibrahim said on a television program.

The Egyptian League leader's goalkeeper, Abdul-Wahed El Saied, convinced nine players, Hussien Yasser El-Mohamady, Ahmed Ga’afar, Alaa Ali, Hazem Emam, Ashour El-Adham, Mohamed Yunis, Wagih Abdel-Azim, Hani Saied and Sabry Rahil, to lodge a complaint to the Egyptian Football Association, against Zamalek’s management, as a reaction for their salaries delay.

The Whites’ president has expressed his distress caused by the players’ action due to them being aware of the club’s financial problems.

“I was shocked when I heard about their complaint as they know I don’t have money to pay their salaries”, said Zamalek President.

“If they want to leave, they can go and I will make use of the youth players to complete the domestic League”, Ibrahim added.

On the other hand, Zamalek's technical staff, led by Hossam Hassan, are considering pulling the captaincy armband from Abdul-Wahed El Saied due to his leading of the protestors.

Ibrahim rubbished reports that the ten players demanded the termination of their contracts with the team.

“Not one of the ten players asked to leave the team”, concluded the Zamalek president in his television statement, adding that, “I just received a warning letter from the players’ affairs committee informing me about the complaint”.