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Investment incentives

Industrial and building projects will receive a raft of financial incentives under a new set of legislative amendments.

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Investment incentives

COP27: An acclaimed success

Azza Radwan Sedky

Egypt hosted the 27th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change on 6 to18 November in ...

Climate justice at last

Al-Ahram Weekly Editorial

Many delegates thought the establishment of the fund would remain an item on the agenda – an achievement in itself, ...

Superpower challenges in Bali

Hussein Haridy

After the domestic positions of US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping were strengthened, the former ...

Point-blank: A new weapon

Mohamed Salmawy

Last week, the UN General Assembly’s Fourth Committee on decolonisation adopted a resolution requesting the International ...

Climate and security in the Mediterranean

Ioannis Kotoulas

The UN COP27 Conference on Climate Change that is taking place in the Egyptian Red Sea city of Sharm El-Sheikh from 6 ...

ESG policies, governance, and opportunities

As global leaders convened in Egypt for the UN COP27 to discuss the urgency of climate change, the Middle East’s ...

A warning for exporters

While the focus of the UN COP27 Climate Change Conference taking place this month in Sharm El-Sheikh is rightly on the ...

A successful conference

Ziad Bahaa-Eldin

The right question to ask is not whether Egypt succeeded in organsing the COP27 Climate Conference. It certainly succeeded, ...

Turning words into action

Alessandro Fracassetti

The Egyptian city of Sharm El-Sheikh is currently hosting leaders, experts, climate activists, civil society representatives ...

The Brotherhood’s imaginary revolutions

Hany Ghoraba

The Muslim Brotherhood’s daydream of returning to power since its ousting in a popular revolution in June 2013 ...

America’s ‘exhausted majority’

Hussein Haridy

Americans went to the polls on 8 November in the first midterm elections during the administration of Democratic Party ...

Point-blank: European change of heart

Mohamed Salmawy

This winter is likely to mark the watershed in the Russian-Ukrainian war. This is not just because of the effects of ...

A green Middle East

Abdel-Moneim Said

For a long time when people abroad thought of the Middle East, they envisioned a vast expanse of barren desert inhabited ...

COP27: The implementation summit

Al-Ahram Weekly Editorial

A new measure obliging the world’s wealthy and most polluting countries to face up to their responsibility to combat ...

Consensus at the summit

Hussein Haridy

Algeria hosted the 31st Arab Summit on 1-2 November, the first such meeting since the last summit of Arab leaders in ...


The 44th Cairo International Film Festival: Miscellaneous returns

As the Cairo International Film Festival draws to a close, Al-Ahram Weekly shares some of its favourite highlights.

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The 44th Cairo International Film Festival: Miscellaneous returns

October is a fest

It has never been considered an exciting month. October was an ordinary, eventless even boring month, except for the ...

Tawfik Al-Hakim: The dramatist

Sunday 9 October marked the birth anniversary of the late Egyptian author Tawfik Al-Hakim (1898-1987), one of the ...

Rumours are flying

Faster than the wind, rumours fly north, south, east, and west around the globe, thrilling us to the core. Why do ...


Do you read poetry?

The chuckles and chortles are almost audible.

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Do you read poetry?

Headed for Egypt

There is a hurry and a flurry — a hustle and a bustle — a mysterious force driving people around the world to ...

Whatever happened to global warming?

For the past few decades it was the talk of the town — the principal talk of every town around the globe. Now ...