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Sunday, 07 March 2021
The selection by the GEM board of directors was made following two and a half years of negotiations
King Seqenenre-Taa-II was killed while fighting Egypt’s invaders and his embalmers had skillfully concealed some head wounds
The brewery consists of at least eight large semi-subterranean installations and was built on the edge of the desert in Abydos at the dawn of ancient Egyptian history
The team succeeded in revealing 16 catacombes, inside the big necropolis that was previously discovered, where mummies were covered with a layer of cartonnage bearing gold and others had golden tongues.
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The work include the restoration and cleaning of the great hall, the entrance facade the birth kiosk
Google Arts and Culture announced this weekend the launch of the 'The Art & Soul of Mosul' online project, ...
The medals are engraved with scenes depicting the monuments and traditions of historic Cairo
The unearthing of 100 intact coffins from the 26th Dynasty is the latest in a series of recent discoveries in the Saqqara area
The mission's work began in 2018, but was disrupted due to the coronavirus outbreak
'The international community has sent a strong signal of support to Lebanon following this tragedy,' said Ernesto Ottone, assistant UNESCO Director-General for Culture
A number of mud brick Roman ovens and a large wall from the Egyptian Late Period have been discovered at the Avenue of ...
The Supreme Council of Antiquities and the Sovereign Fund of Egypt signed on Tuesday a contract to develop and manage ...

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