PHOTO GALLERY: El-Sisi supporters march in downtown Cairo

Supporters of El-Sisi carry a banner with his picture during the march from Ramsis to Abdel-Moneim Riyad Square. (photo: Mai Shaheen)

A woman kissing an El-Sisi banner during the march. (photo: Mai Shaheen)

Banners of the presidential hopeful in three different languages. (photo: Mai Shaheen)

A man carrying a shirt of El-Sisi in military garb, before he resigned from his post as defence minister. "No To Extremism" (photo: Mai Shaheen)

Two women holding El-Sisi posters on the march in downtown Cairo. (photo: Mai Shaheen)

A man dances near Tahrir Square as part of the pro-Sisi march through downtown Cairo. (photo: Mai Shaheen)

Two young women hold El-Sisi posters during the march. (photo: Mai Shaheen)

Supporters of El-Sisi. (photo: Mai Shaheen)

The march continues through downtown, as supporters hold posters and blow on horns. (photo: Mai Shaheen)

A woman ululates while holding an El-Sisi poster. (photo: Mai Shaheen)

All photos by Mai Shaheen