PHOTO GALLERY: Sabahi holds a final campaign rally in central Cairo

Hamdeen Sabahi during the final campaign rally in downtown Cairo
Sabahi supporters lit fireworks during the rally at Abdeen palace
Actor Farooq El-Fishawi at the final rally of Hamdeen Sabah
A Sabahi supporter carries his picture during the rally
Father of the slain protester Gaber Jika (C) takes the stage
Sabahi supporters carry pictures of him during the rally
Sabahi supporters chant for him during the final rally
Hamdeen Sabahi salutes his supporters during the final rally
Prominent novelist and commentator Alaa Al-Aswany during the Sabahi rally
Sabahi supporters light fireworks during the final rally
Sabahi stands between his supporters at the end of the final conference and salutes his crowds
Sabahi directs a speech to his supporters during the final conference

All photos by Mai Shaheen.