PHOTO GALLERY: Press syndicate protest urges release of two detainees on hunger strike

Protesters holding the detainees' photos at the press syndicate.
The hashtag on the poster reads: 'We die for life'
Posters and banners for the two detainees.
Abdullah El-Shami's mother, right, and Laila Suef, left, who began a solidarity hunger strike.
Laila Suef, on a solidarity hunger strike since last week.
Posters by Freedom for Brave, a campaign to free political detainees.
Abdallah El-Shami's mother speaking to the press.

Hundreds of protesters chanted against the imprisonment of Al-Jazeera journalist Abdullah El-Shamy and Egyptian-American Mohamed Sultan, son of pro-Muslim Brotherhood preacher Salah Sultan, both on hunger strike since January.

Demonstrators at the Journalists' Syndicate in downtown Cairo chanted against Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim as well as against "military rule."

El-Shamy's brother told Ahram Online that the protest's aim is to pressure authorities to hasten El-Shamy's referral to trial.

El-Shamy's detention has been repeatedly extended by prosecutors since his arrest in August 2013.

All photos by Mai Shaheen