Salah Jaheen in Berlin


On 28 November Al-Dar, a non-profit organization, in collaboration with the Egyptian embassy in Berlin, held a poetry evening dedicated to poetry legend Salah Jaheen (1930-1986), in celebration of his 80th birthday.

The event opened with a brief biography of Jaheen, a cartoonist, poet, screenwriter and actor, as Renee Abul-Ela Al-Dar, director and an old friend of Jaheen, and El-Sayed Tag Eldin, the Egyptian Cultural Attache, shed more light on the multi-talented artist.

Poets Bahaa Jaheen and Ahmed Haddad, Jaheen's son and grandson, respectively, recited a selection of Jaheen's famous poems, including his quartets and his most famous poem Ala Esm Masr (In the name of Egypt). A hand full of Jaheen's famous songs followed, with Mona Ragi Enayet, Naser Qelada and Heba Sherif singing the night away.

This video is footage from poem Ala Esm Masr (In The Name of Egypt).