VIDEO: Graffiti at the Mogamma


There isn't much bare concrete left within arm's length on the front of the Mogamma, Egypt's towering, government office complex in Tahrir Square. But on Tuesday evening, protestors 30-year-old Hend Kheera and 28-year-old Nazly Hussein found a tiny patch of canvas to work with as employees poured out of the building to go home. Inspired by the 1980s classic movie "The Escape," 30-year-old Hend Kheera designed a stencil of actor Ahmed Zaki's character. Kheera explained, "In the movie, he's posing like this with a gun and it's an intimidating image. The protestors are saying, we are avenging ourselves for the martyrs."
The writing under the portrait reads "We will take our own revenge SCAF," referring to the Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which has effectively ruled the country since Hosni Mubarak's ouster.


Video by Natasha Ghoneim


Edited by Elizabeth Hagen