Memorial march for Maspero victims

Copts march for martyrs

Thousands of demonstrators marched from St Mark's Cathedral in Abbassiya to Tahrir, to commemorate the over 25 victims who died during a bloody crackdown on a protest on October 9th.

The march was very well organised, with specific marchers designated to play drums, maintain a string barrier around the procession, or hold pictures of the martyrs aloft. Sombre music and a slow drum beat accompanied the march. 

At least 25 people died on October 9th when the military police violently dispersed a protest of mainly Coptic Christians protesting against the destruction of a church in Aswan. During the crackdown, Egyptian state TV falsely accused Christians of taking up arms against the military.

Aware of the sectarian tension this caused, demonstrators on the march refrained from chanting or holding up crosses. Instead, the marchers waved Egyptian flags and wore clothes covered in the ankh, a Pharaonic symbol.

The march ended in Tahrir Square in Downtown Cairo, epicenter of the January 25th uprising. The demonstration ended peacefully, with protesters in the square discussing the next action they will take in order to continue pushing for their demands - the most important of which is a full and impartial investigation into the violence on October 9th. Up until now, the Military Council has said it will investigate the events itself, a proposition thoroughly rejected by activists who hold the interim rulers responsible for the crackdown.