Explosion hits Alexandria church

Produced by Mohamed Fattah.

A massive explosion occurred outside Al-Kedeseen Church in the northern Egyptian city of Alexandria in the first hour of the new year. 21 have been killed including 8 Muslims and 79 have been injured.

Witnesses suggest it was a car bomb.

" At 12.10 we heard an explosion. We thought it was thunder. The car was on fire and bodies were scattered across the street", said Mohamed Abdu a local youth who was helping transfer bodies to hospitals.

The Ministry of Interior said it was a suicide bomber not a car bomb according to its forensic testing and explosives experts.

Shortly after the explosion, clashes broke out between angry Muslim and Christian youth. A mosque opposite to the Church as well as a Christian-owned supermarket were reportedly vandalised. Security forces rushed into the explosion scene 30 minutes later and managed to end the clashes.