PHOTO GALLERY: The year of the Jan 25 revolution in pictures

Egyptian pro-democracy supporters gather in Tahrir Square in Cairo (Reuters)
A Coptic-Christian boy peers from inside a church that was torched during sectarian clashes (AP)
Egyptian activists demolish a concrete wall that surrounds the Israeli embassy in Cairo (AP)
A protester waves Egyptian flag as riot police fire tear gas during clashes in downtown Cairo (AP)
Egyptian soldiers arrest a female protester during clashes in Cairo’s Tahrir Square (Reuters)
Egyptian activists demonstrate outside Israeli embassy (Mai Shaheen)
A boy chips at a concrete wall built in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo (Reuters)
Armed Mubarak loyalists, some riding camels and horses, clash with protesters (AP)
Firemen fight a fire at a church surrounded by angry Muslims in Cairo’s Imbaba district (Reuters)
Army forces stand outside a torched building belonging to Coptic Christians (Reuters)
Egyptians gather next to a Christian-owned building set on fire during sectarian clashes (AP)
A soldier stands guard near the St. Mary Church, torched during sectarian clashes (Reuters)
A Tahrir Square protester throws a tear gas canister back at riot police (Reuters)
Protesters flee tear gas fired by riot police during clashes with security forces (Reuters)
Protesters use wooden boards as shields during clashes with riot police (Reuters)
Protesters cover their faces from tear gas fired by riot police (Reuters)
Army soldiers throw stones at protesters outside cabinet building in Cairo (AP)
Soldiers arrest a female protester during clashes with military police near Cairo (AP)
A cameraman flees as protesters throw rocks at military police during clashes in Cairo (AP)
A man looks at a campaign banner for Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (AP)
A man casts his ballot on the second day of parliamentary polls in Giza (Reuters)
Anti-riot police confront activists outside Egypt's journalists syndicate (AP)
Anti-regime activists clash with riot police on 28 January 'Day of Rage' (AP)
Egypt's newly-appointed interim PM Essam Sharaf (Reuters)
Football fans, known as 'Ultras,' stage symbolic funeral for slain member (Mai Shaheen)
Coptic Christians carry symbolic coffins en route to Cairo’s Abbasiya Cathedral (Reuters)
People stand in line to vote outside a polling station (Reuters)
Parliamentary candidate Nada Abo El-Maty (centre) of Salafist Nour Party talks to voters (Reuters)