PHOTO GALLERY: Shafiq supporters gather at campaign headquarters after attack

An Egyptian police officer stands guard outside the destroyed campaign ‎office (AP)‎
Shafiq flyers seen outside his campaign headquarters (Reuters)‎
Shafiq supporters shout slogans after protesters set fire to campaign headquarters ‎‎(Reuters)‎
Shafiq supporters chant slogans and carry his campaign posters (AP)‎
A Shafiq Egyptian supporter collects scattered Shafiq electoral ‎flyers‎ (AP)
Shafiq supporters chant slogans and carry electoral posters (Reuters)
Defaced posters with Arabic reading 'Egypt is for all, President Ahmed Shafiq' (AP)
A man cleans the scene of Shafiq's burnt campaign headquarters (AP)
A Shafiq supporter plasters his face with electoral flyers (AP)
People are reflected in a mirror inside the burnt campaign headquarters of Shafiq (Reuters)