VIDEO: 'Bezoor Baladi' takes to streets to raise environmental awareness

bezoor vid

Environmental activists take to the streets of Egypt in a campaign called 'Bezoor Baladi', or 'local seeds'. 

Greenpeace, Nawaya, Nabta, and Fakhri Aid were among the organisations taking part in the action. The campaign hit the streets in three areas in Cairo - Maadi, Heliopolis and Downtown - as well as in Alexandria, to raise awareness about Egypt's plethora of agricultural issues.

The activists were armed with specially created 'seed balls' - small balls that contain soil, silt and local seeds, everything a seed needs to grow; just add water. The idea is to begin a discussion about the possibility of using public spaces to grow healthy and much needed fruits and vegetables, as well as to start a dialogue about agriculture in Egypt - the world's number one importer of wheat.

Video by Simon Hanna