PHOTO GALLERY: Aswan, Upper Egypt's 'City of the Sun'

Nubian homes on bank of Lake Nasser
Gharb Suheil Village
Gharb Suheil Village
Young Nubian boys on row-boat
Traditional Nubian home
Gharb Suheil Village
Columns at Philae Temple, Lake Nasser
Shacks on Nile bank
Nubian men performing afternoon prayers on bank of Nile
Seagulls on Nile River
Gharb Suheil Village
Sunset at Agha Khan Mausoleum
Gharb Suheil Village
Row-boats in Gharb Suheil Village
Aswan sunset Felucca ride
Natural rock figures on bank of the Nile
Isis Philae Temple, Lake Nasser
Lush green trees on bank of Nile
Seagulls on the Nile
Nubian lodge, Gharb Suheil village
Seagulls hover over river
Boat moored in north Aswan
Rock formation on Upper Nile