PHOTO GALLERY: The clashes at Egypt's presidential palace

Pro-Morsi supporters guard the palace after attacking anti-Morsi protesters at 4pm Wednesday

"The people support the president's decisions", pro-president protesters at palace before evening clashes
Pro-Morsi protesters before clashes re-erupted at 7pm
Pro-Morsi supporters
Pro-Morsi supporters pray after attack on anti-Morsi protesters
"The people of Egypt back you, president"
"The people support the president's decisions"
Morsi supporters at Itihadiya palace before evening clashes
Anti-Morsi demonstrators on way to presidential palace on Wednesday evening
A member of Nasserist Party Karama injured at outset of evening clashes
Anti-Morsi protesters ferry an injured colleague to be treated
An injured anti-Morsi protester
Egyptian ambulance carries injured