PHOTO GALLERY: Demonstrations around the country as Egyptians remember their revolution

A march leaving from Shubra (Photo: Adam Makary)
Shubra march (Photo: Hossam El-Hamalawy)
In Alexandria’s Qaed Ibrahim, after the end of Friday prayers (Photo: Hala Badr)
Brotherhood’s FJP posts Facebook pictures of volunteers painting Al-Azhar's walls (Photo: FJP)
Mostafa Mahmoud mosque in Mohandeseen, Giza (Photo: Ekram Ibrahim)
Preacher Mohamed Abdallah Nasr leading the Friday prayers in Tahrir (Photo: Zeinab El-Guindy)
Clashes erupt in Suez between hundreds of protesters and security (Photo: Mohamed Abdo)
Protesters in Tahrir Square on the revolution's second anniversary (Photo: Bel Trew)
Protecters praying in Tahrir square (Photo: Bel Trew)
Slain protesters remembered on Tahrir Square (Photo: Bel Trew)
'Leave' chant 1000s of protesters on Tahrir Square (Photo: Bel Trew)
Flags on Tahrir (Photo: Bel Trew)