PHOTO GALLERY: Another anti-Morsi march runs into more teargas

Demonstrators chant against President Morsi in a march from Sayeda Zeinab to the Shura Council
Clashes at Qasr Al-Nil Bridge in Cairo
One of the demonstrators on the Qasr Al-Nil Bridge faces teargas
Demonstrators on Qasr Al-Nil Bridge
Demonstrators carry symbolic shields with "peaceful" written on them during Sayeda Zeinab march
A microbus passenger joins in with the passing marchers' chants against President Morsi
A protester is injured by teargas
Demonstrators on Qasr Al-Nil Bridge
Sayeda Zeinab marchers chant against the president
The Sayeda Zeinab march, before it was attacked
Leftist activist Kamal Khalil during his participation in the march of Sayeda Zeinab
a young woman chanting against President Mursi in Sayeda Zainab march

All photos by Mai Shaheen