PHOTO GALLERY: Egyptian artists in a multi-national show in Bahrain: Behind the scenes

Bahrain National Theatre (Photo: Ati Metwaly)
Inside the theatre (Photo: Ati Metwaly)
Backstage (Photo: Ati Metwaly)
Rehearsal withWroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra in small hall, conductor Hisham Gabr (Photo: Ati Metwa
Enana Dance Theatre, Jehad Mufleh and Albina Belova (Photo: Ati Metwaly)
Enana Dance Theatre and Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra (Photo: Ati Metwaly)
Abdelrahman Abou-Zahra (Photo: Ati Metwaly)
Costumes by Dina Nadeem from Egypt (Photo: Ati Metwaly)
Enana Dance Theatre (Photo: Ati Metwaly)
(Photo: Ati Metwaly)
Control room of the small hall (Photo: Ati Metwaly)
Control room of the main hall (Photo: Ati Metwaly)
Workshop (Photo: Ati Metwaly)
Choreographer Albina Belova (right) with Enana Dance Theatre, backstage (Photo: Ati Metwaly)
Side wall of the Bahrain National Theatre

Two hundred artists from around the world will participate in Ibn Battuta, the Prince of Travellers show that will be performed on 25 and 26 February in Bahrain National Theatre. Ibn Battuta is a musical that includes many theatrical arts.

The show will be held in the context of the festivities honouring the selection of the Kingdom of Bahrain's Manama as Capital of Arab Tourism 2013. The Bahraini Ministry of Culture decided to hold several events, including a show about the great Arab traveller, Ibn Battuta, a man who conceived the idea of tourism and travelling around the world.

The artists representing many Arab and non-Arab countries include Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra from Poland, Enana Dance Theatre from Syria, and Choir from Egypt in addition to a few oriental musicians also from Egypt. The director of Ibn Battuta is Nader Salah Eldin and Hisham Gabr is the composer and conductor. Stage design and projection teams joined from Hungary. A few renowned singers will add to the mix, such as: Amal Maher, Ahmed Ezz and Ghada Chbeir. Abdelrahman Abou-Zahra, a well-known Egyptian actor will be in the role of Ibn Battuta (Senior).

While artists from Bahrain, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Germany, Hungary, Poland, France, Macedonia and Russia are in the last days in their preparation for the opening night, Ahram Online gives a peak at the behind the scenes of this production.

Photos: Ati Metwaly