PHOTO GALLERY: Egypt's Aswan, jewel of the Nile

Aswan's Philae Temple
The Botanical Island
The Bovardeo bird
Aswan's village of Gharb Soheil
Mannequins of two Nubian women weaving wicker (a key local industry) at the Nubian Museum
A fisherman and his sons in the Nile
A worker at the Philae Temple
Nubian women row a boat in the Nile
Aswan's Botanical Island
The Philae Temple's Chamber of Isis
Aswan's iconic Old Cataract Hotel, a former royal palace
A merchant in the city of Aswan
Tourists pass through an Aswan market
Stone in Nile bearing hieroglyphic inscription
A pet crocodile in a Nubian home
Aswan's Bega Island
The Philae Temple
Mannequins of a sheikh teaching disciples Quran in the Nubian Museum
The Nile River and local wildlife
A man and his wife fish in the Nile
Pharaonic inscriptions on walls of the Philae Temple
A Nubian raises a crocodile in his home
The Nile River
The banks of the Nile
An inhabitant of Aswan's Hesaa Island
The Nile at sunset
A Nubian home adorned with a dried crocodile
Fishermen in Aswan
The Botanical Island
Mannequins of partying Nubians
A bird on the banks of the Nile
A ferry boat on the Nile
The Philae Temple
Stony banks of the Nile
Stone in Nile bearing hieroglyphic inscription