PHOTO GALLERY: Armenian Arax Choir celebrates Aram Khachaturian's birth aniversary

The pink girls' dance: Sardarabad troupe (Photo: OJ Photography)
The mountaineers' dance: Zankezur troupe (Photo: OJ Photography)
baritone Ara Keuhnelian (Photo: OJ Photography)
Soprano Sylva Terzibashian (Photo: OJ Photography)
Lezginka dance, Zankezur troupe (Photo: OJ Photography)
mezzo-soprano Kohar Ghazelian (Photo: OJ Photography)
Haig Avakian on piano and Rupen Terzibashian on dhol (Photo: OJ Photography)
(Photo: OJ Photography)
Trio Vart, Kohar and Anais (Photo: OJ Photography)
Bride's Dance: Tania Kurkdjian from Sardarabad troupe (Photo: OJ Photography)
Tenor Rupen Saad (Photo: OJ Photography)

On Saturday 16 March, the Armenian Community in Egypt gathered at the Nubarian Armenian School in Heliopolis to listen to the Arax Choir conducted by Mihran Ghazelian. The event commemorated the 110th anniversary of the Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian (1903-1978).

The concert by the Arax Choir included a few of the original choral works by Khachaturian based on folkloric songs, while other songs were based on Khachaturian's music, with lyrics written by Mihran Ghazelian, the choir's conductor and artistic director. The evening also included short dance numbers to Khachaturian's music and a documentary film about the composer.

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Photos: OJ Photography