PHOTO GALLERY: Tensions and tears outside courtroom as Mubarak retrial commences

Anti-Mubarak protesters gather outside Police Academy holding flags referencing those killed and inj
Images of the martyrs line police barrier during first session of Mubarak retrial (Photo: Diaa Adel)
Father of a protester slain during the 18-day uprising sobs outside Police Academy during Mubarak r
Father of a slain protester recovers after collapsing outside court where Hosni Mubarak's retrial i
Mubarak supporter is forcibly carried away after trying to attack families of protesters killed duri
Supporters of Egypt's ousted president rush at anti-Mubarak protesters outside Police Academy (Photo
'The trial feels like a play and Mubarak chose the script' says mother of a slain protester outside
Alaa, 51, holds a noose and a set of scales in protest of Mubarak retrial, after he lost a friend on
Mubarak followers attempt to drum up support outside Police Academy (Photo: Diaa Adel)
Followers of Mubarak pose by a model of the ousted dictator 'the Brotherhood are controlling this tr
'Raise your voices, we will love Mubarak until we die' chant supporters outside the court room (Pho
A montage of Hosni Mubarak outside the courtroom (Photo: Diaa Adel)
Children hold banner of Mubarak in front of security guarding Police Academy (Photo: Diaa Adel)

'We're exhausted from fighting for justice for two years,' Mothers of two protesters killed on January 28 outside courtroom (Photo: Diaa Adel)
'Mubarak is the master of the world, Mubarak is not a traitor, Mubarak is a leader' back on the sup
An hour in a microbus of Mubarak supporters arrives with balloons (Photo: Diaa Adel)
'The time of dignity and honour is Mubarak's time, the time of shame and madness is the Brotherhood'
Mubarak supporters show their dedication by kissing a model of the ousted dictator (Photo:Diaa Adel)
Father of protester killed in the 18-day uprising weeps uncontrollably outside Mubarak Police Academ
'My biggest regret is voting for Morsi' says mother of 18-year-old Mohamed killed on 28 January 2011