VIDEO: Egypt women's groups rally against minister accused of harassment


Several women's rights groups and political parties took part in a Sunday protest against recent remarks by Information Minister Salah Abdel-Maksoud, accusing him of harassing female journalists.

On two occasions, Abdel-Maksoud responded to questions at press conferences with a comment widely regarded has having sexual connotations. "Come here and I'll tell you where to find it," he told two female journalists asking questions about the state of media in Egypt.

The comments prompted a storm of criticism against the minister.

"He has greatly disrespected female journalists; he has sexually harassed them even if he apologised by saying that his words had been misunderstood. He has reached a new low in communicating with female journalists," said state television presenter Heba Ezz El-Arab.

Abdel-Maksoud has denied that his comments were offensive in nature.

Several official complaints have been filed against the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated minister, accusing him of "verbal harassment and making sexual insinuations".

Sunday's protest was organised by the 'Baheya Ya Misr' women's rights group, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party and the 'Shoft Taharosh' anti-sexual harassment movement.

Video by Maya Wadnomiry