PHOTO GALLERY: International Labour Day

Garment workers shout during a march on the streets (Cambodia) ( Reuters)

Children wearing hats with slogans display a banner as they join other protesters, mostly workers Philippines. (AP)

South Korean workers (AP)

Labourers take rest as they work at a brick factory (Nepal) (AP)

Workers march during a May Day rally in Jakarta, Indonesia (AP)

Workers carry a wreath of carnations (Turkey) (AP)

A woman holds the old Yugoslav flag with the communist five-point star (Serbia) (AP)

A woman dances during an International Workers Day rally in Harare, (Zimbabwe) (Photo: AP)

Protesters take part in a May Day demonstration on Labour Day (Spain) (Reuters)

General Workers Union (UGT) leader Candido Mendez and Ignacio Fernandez Toxo, leader of Comisiones Obreras (Spain) (Reuters)