VIDEO: Wekalet Behna fuses visual arts, cinema, film heritage in Alexandria


Last Friday saw the official opening of Wekalet Behna, an art space focused on audio-visual arts in Alexandria.

The space was once the office of Behna Films Selections, one of Egypt's largest cinema distribution companies between the 1930s and 1950s, and hosts a substantial archive of the county’s cinematic history, selections of which will be exhibited at the venue.

Wekalet Behna will also serve as a workshop, production, and exhibition space for independent cinema, video, and visual art in Egypt's second largest city.

The first of a series of opening nights hosted three exhibitions by three generations of artists: Ali Ashour presented a painting exhibition featuring never-exhibited works from the start of his career, Amr El-Sawah presented experimental photography, and Yara Mekkawi showcased a video art project.

The event also featured a film screening of Onshoudet El-Fouad, one of the first ever spoken films in the region which was recovered by Basile Behna and his sister, Marie-Claude, the heirs to the Behna legacy and the owners of the new art space.

Video by Rowan El Shimi

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