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Egypt - Politics
8/2/2013 1:49:56 AM
The hotel in Al-Arish is reportedly frequented by security personnel

Egypt - Politics
7/30/2013 11:26:36 PM
Mahmoud El-Sayed Ahmed's death marks fifth security force casualty in 36-hours in Egypt's restive Sinai Peninsula, as army attempts to crack-down on Islamist militants

Egypt - Politics
7/30/2013 10:42:19 PM
News of kidnapping carried out by Israelis on Egyptian soil, if true, could increase tensions in already-charged border region

Egypt - Politics
7/29/2013 10:13:54 PM
Second attack in one day leaves another conscript dead in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, highlighting growing instability in region since Morsi ouster

Business - Economy
7/29/2013 9:49:32 PM
Despite 9.6% rise from same period in 2012, Western travel warnings imposed since 30 June unrest threaten tourism comeback

Egypt - Politics
7/29/2013 11:28:28 AM
An attack on a military camp in Egypt's Sinai leaves 1 soldier dead and several injured on Monday morning

Egypt - Politics
7/28/2013 10:05:55 PM
Security forces exchange gunfire with unknown assailants in North Sinai town of Arish as unrest continues in lawless peninsula

Egypt - Politics
7/28/2013 1:01:27 PM
Security forces kill 10 militants in the restive Sinai peninsula, reports MENA

Egypt - Politics
7/27/2013 6:33:01 PM
Policemen and unknown assailants exchange fire Saturday afternoon in north Sinai

Egypt - Politics
7/26/2013 9:58:00 PM
Residents of North Sinai's Sheikh Zuwaid say explosion began at sunset, leaving 2 injured

Egypt - Politics
7/26/2013 9:16:16 PM
Demonstrations in response to the military's call for protests against 'terrorism' take place in cities all over Egypt; rival rallies also held by supporters of Mohamed Morsi in a number of governorates

Egypt - Politics
7/26/2013 4:50:46 PM
Supporters and opponents of former president Mohamed Morsi protest in Egypt's restive peninsula where dozens have died in attacks by alleged militants since 3 July

Egypt - Politics
7/26/2013 3:09:44 AM
Egyptian rights organisations unsettled by army's call for a popular mandate to tackle terrorism, fear unlawful crackdown

Egypt - Politics
7/25/2013 9:46:58 PM
Two security personnel were killed, four injured in militant attack on security checkpoint in North Sinai on Thursday

Egypt - Politics
7/24/2013 6:18:03 PM

World - Region
7/23/2013 3:36:01 PM
Israel intensifies border deployment to counter possible attacks from Islamist militants; Defense Minister hails army activity after government change

Egypt - Politics
7/22/2013 11:41:58 PM
The victim was caught in the crossfire when armed men in a car attacked a security checkpoint

Opinion -
7/22/2013 1:39:24 PM
While Israel argued to keep US aid flowing to Egypt, even under Islamist rule, there is no doubt it is glad to see the back of Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood regime

World - Region
7/22/2013 11:44:31 AM
Hamas say there is a difficult humanitarian situation in Gaza but this time blaming the Egyptian measures on the borders not Israel

World - Region
7/22/2013 10:15:58 AM
Netanyahu says the fall of Egypt's president Morsi might led to the failure of such Islamic regimes because they 'don't offer the adequate enfranchisement that you need to develop a country'

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