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World - Region
7/29/2012 3:24:04 PM
The UAE authorities arrest at least 10 Islamists over the past several days as the Gulf Arab state widens its crackdown on dissidents

Egypt - Politics
7/24/2012 2:58:38 PM
Presidential election runner-up Ahmed Shafiq says he is to remain in Abu Dhabi for 'security reasons', criticises President Morsi's delay in forming the new government

Business - Economy
7/16/2012 11:31:14 AM
State-owned energy firm says it has secured approval to expand its West African power plant

World -
6/28/2012 5:26:39 PM
US President Barack Obama met UAE Crown Prince to express his support for the Gulf state's dispute with Iran over three Gulf islands and urges a 'peaceful resolution of the island's status'

Business - Economy
6/27/2012 12:53:45 PM

Business - Economy
6/25/2012 10:58:10 AM
World's largest sovereign wealth fund has guarded optimism about global economic growth, suggests manager's comments

Business - Economy
6/21/2012 12:16:16 PM
New 16-year project will increase production at the MENA region's largest coal-fired power plant

Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
6/10/2012 2:23:33 PM

Arts & Culture - Music
6/5/2012 6:07:06 PM
Material girl wows 25,000 fans in Abu Dhabi after kicking off latest world tour in Israel

Arts & Culture - Film
5/22/2012 5:37:56 PM
The American special effects company that brought the "Transformers" movies to life and recently wowed concertgoers with a performing hologram of late rapper Tupac Shakur is setting up a studio in oil-rich Abu Dhabi

Business - Economy
5/21/2012 12:20:16 PM
The oil-rich Arab confederation eases the bad debts of 350 of its citizens, saying they will pay later depending on personal circumstances

Business - Economy
5/15/2012 2:39:31 PM
Abu Dhabi-based natural gas producer says it has hired adviser to weigh up options for repayment

Business - Economy
5/9/2012 5:46:12 PM
Hopes that restrictions on foreign investment will be loosened in one of the world's top oil exporters are being tempered as details of proposals trickle out

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
5/9/2012 12:46:36 PM
Sky News Arabia has launched a 24-hour Arabic-language news channel with a pledge to be impartial in a region where government influence over media is endemic

World - Region
5/1/2012 1:55:18 PM
As tension between Iran and the United Arab Emirates is mounting, the US deploys advanced F22 fighter jets to the UAE's Al-Dhafra air base

Sports - World
4/30/2012 6:25:05 PM
Tevez said Abu Dhabi-owned City had big plans and he wanted to be part of them

Business - Economy
4/17/2012 12:24:54 PM
Abu Dhabi fund Mubadala's aerospace division to build carbon-composite structures for Boeing in a $1 billion deal

World - Region
4/13/2012 2:57:42 PM
The GCC member-states will hold a special meeting in Riyadh after the Iranian President's trip to the disputed island of Abu Musa, being described by Abu Dhabi as a 'flagrant violation' of UAE sovereignty

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
4/3/2012 2:14:15 PM
Sky News announced on Tuesday the launch of its new Arabic-language TV news channel as of next month

World - International
3/30/2012 4:29:50 PM
Germany unveils attempts to resolve its crisis with the United Arab Emirates after the government forced the Konrad Adenauer Foundation to stop its work in Abu Dhabi

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