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World - International
10/26/2013 10:20:42 PM
Der Spiegel magazine reports that US have monitored Angela Merkel's phone for more than 10 years

World - Region
3/24/2013 5:20:14 PM
Der Spiegel magazine reports that a man, identified by media as an Australian-Israeli Mossad agent and found hanged in a Tel Aviv jail, had passed secrets to Hezbollah before his death

Egypt - Politics
11/27/2012 4:08:49 PM
Muslim Brotherhood website makes light of Mohamed ElBaradei's assertion to German magazine that Islamist members of Egypt's Constituent Assembly include those 'who deny Holocaust'

World - Region
10/15/2012 1:13:39 PM
Iran is reportedly planning to carry out an operation called "Muddy Water" that would cause an environmental disaster in the Strait of Hormuz to block the waterway in retaliation for sanctions imposed by the west

World - Region
8/15/2012 2:58:48 PM
German authorities say that 30 Islamic extremists have left the country and traveled to Egypt in recent weeks following a call from an influential salafists imam

Business - Economy
5/13/2012 7:16:50 PM
Der Spiegel joins clamour of voices suggesting Germany depart eurozone

World - Region
4/14/2012 3:42:20 PM
A German ship carrying Iranian weapons was stopped the Mediterranean, according to a report by Der Spiegel magazine

World - Region
10/2/2011 1:03:10 PM
At least 10,000 missiles are unaccounted for in Libya, a senior NATO official has admitted according to a German media report on Sunday, amid fears the weapons could fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda

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