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9/25/2014 8:15:35 PM

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2/14/2014 7:27:27 PM

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2/13/2014 8:21:13 PM

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9/29/2013 10:03:54 PM
President Giorgio Napolitano will have to mediate to find a way out of the latest political impasse, and has said he would dissolve parliament, triggering new elections

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7/24/2013 1:53:26 PM
Public works bill approved by Italy's lower house of parliament

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7/24/2013 12:39:13 PM
Italian President Giorgio Napolitano calls the ability for early election 'one of the most dangerous Italian maladies,' warns of exacerbating Italy's endemic instability

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4/28/2013 2:36:53 PM
Shooting, a kilometre away from the presidential palace, leads to the injury of two policemen

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4/22/2013 7:08:20 PM
The 87-year old President Giorgio Napolitano takes oath for a second term in Italy

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4/21/2013 12:44:56 PM
The Italian parliament on Saturday re-elected 87-year-old President Giorgio Napolitano to serve a second term in an attempt to resolve the political stalemate left by February's inconclusive election

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4/20/2013 8:56:42 PM
Italy's 87-year-old President Giorgio Napolitano was re-elected by lawmakers in a desperate bid by right and left to end a two-month deadlock

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4/20/2013 5:33:29 PM
Italy's 87-year-old President Giorgio Napolitano announced that he would run for a second term despite earlier ruling out the prospect

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3/30/2013 1:36:14 PM
Italy is in suspense ahead of President Giorgio Napolitano's expected proposal for who should lead the eurozone's third-largest economy after elections that left no clear winner

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3/21/2013 10:08:36 PM
Italy says it will return back two Italian marines accused of killing two Indian fishermen to India to face trial in the Asian country

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12/9/2012 10:11:09 AM
Silvio Berlusconi ends weeks of speculation by announcing plans to run again for premiership after being forced out of office last year

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5/19/2012 1:03:05 PM
A bomb went off outside a school in the southern Italian city of Brindisi, killing two 16-year-old students and injuring seven, two critically

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3/10/2012 2:49:45 PM
Nigerian security interrogate eight suspects over the killing of two European engineers amid a row between Italy and Britain over the incident

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11/15/2011 8:46:16 PM
Italy and Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli said he was touched by the Italian president's stance on immigration after meeting Giorgio Napolitano on Tuesday

World - International
11/13/2011 10:06:08 AM
Italy starts forming a new government after the momentous resignation of Silvio Berlusconi, with economist Mario Monti tipped as the man to lead the country through its debt crisis

World - International
11/12/2011 3:16:57 PM
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is expected to resign, making way for an emergency government and ending one of the most scandal-plagued eras in Italy's post-war history