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Arts & Culture - Music
2/4/2014 7:29:52 PM
On Sunday 9 February in Alexandria and Monday 10 February in Damanhour, the Alexandria Opera House String Orchestra joins the Sweet Sound Band to perform a special Valentine's repertoire

Folk - Folk Arts
2/3/2014 1:51:48 PM
Ahram Online visits the Umm Kalthoum museum on the 39th anniversary of the musical icon's death

Arts & Culture - Music
2/3/2014 12:33:04 PM
On Saturday 8 February, soloists Amira Selim and baritone Elhamy Amin will be joined by the Cairo Symphony Orchestra in their performance of highlights from The Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story, and other musicals

Arts & Culture - Music
2/2/2014 12:53:01 PM
Masked pianist joins Kiev's City Hall protests believing that 'music helps people and strengthens their morale.'

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
1/30/2014 4:43:05 PM
Poetry evening marks ten years since young Egyptian poet Ahmed Haddad first took to the stage with his poetry and musical performances

Arts & Culture - Music
1/28/2014 11:44:22 AM
Maryam Saleh, Donia Massoud and Youssra El Hawary from Egypt are among 9 women featured on 'Sawtuha', a newly released song album by German label Jakarta Records

Arts & Culture - Music
1/27/2014 10:12:18 AM
Music therapy programmes targeting teenage and young adults cancer patients involved help ease distress associated to the illness

Arts & Culture - Music
1/27/2014 9:56:06 AM
Adele, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Ziggy Marley... From pop to Latin and to Jazz, soundtracks and classical music compilations... Check the complete list of 56th annual Grammy Awards winners

Arts & Culture - Music
1/26/2014 7:17:07 PM
Ramy Essam's new song, 'We Don't Belong to Them,' gives voice to those caught in the middle of Egypt's Islamist-military tug of war

Arts & Culture - Music
1/23/2014 12:39:51 PM
Musical project aiming to create spaces for rich cultural interaction between Nile Basin countries launches second musicians gathering in Kampala, along with African tour in 2014

Arts & Culture - Music
1/23/2014 12:39:26 PM
Between 30 January and 2 February 2014 in Nuweiba, a coastal town in Sinai, the Cloud 9 music festival will be held

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
1/19/2014 4:48:36 PM
An intense week full of exhibitions, music, theatre and film screenings precedes the coming weekend's third anniversary of the 2011 revolution

Books -
1/18/2014 12:01:47 PM
Ahram Online goes to Jaipur and finds that you need a lot of 'chai' to keep up with the jam-packed schedule of books, authors, even music at the world's largest free literature festival

Multimedia -
1/18/2014 10:41:02 AM
This year's Zee Jaipur Literature Festival, the world largest literary festival, brings together 240 literary figures and artists, features over 170 panel discussions, exhibitions and music concerts

Arts & Culture - Music
1/12/2014 11:39:58 PM
Three years after January 2011 Revolution, ideological maturity starts being coupled with concrete cultural realizations. Music field is an interesting example of post-2011 changes in culture or lack of thereof

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
1/11/2014 4:12:20 PM
Egypt's culture scene has a lot to offer for the start of 2014, from music to film screenings and exhibitions. Check out Ahram Online's recommendations for this week

Egypt - Features
1/7/2014 10:35:16 AM
From medical care to music lessons, orphanages to elderly care, churches in Egypt serve society at large – both Christian and Muslim

Arts & Culture - Music
1/5/2014 7:33:18 PM
Independent Egyptian band Sahra will be performing in El-Sawy Culturewheel on Tuesday 14 January

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
1/3/2014 1:37:12 PM
Since the January 2011 Revolution Egypt's pop culture has gone through transformations with the revolt echoing in the country's music and art

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
12/30/2013 3:39:13 PM
Remarkable writers, painters, musicians, dancers and filmmakers, from Egypt and the region... Ahram Online Arts and Culture remembers creators who passed away in 2013 leaving behind unprecedented cultural wealth.

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