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World - International
2/19/2013 4:46:18 PM
Pakistani ministers hold negotiations with Shiite demonstrators following major protests across major cities after bomb attack killed 89 civilians; protestors demand Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, responsible for attack, be held accountable

World - Region
2/18/2013 9:55:39 AM

World - International
2/17/2013 10:11:01 AM
The death toll from Saturday bombings that targeted Shiite Muslims in the Pakistani city of Quetta rises to 81 and leaves another 164 injured in the deadliest incident in the year

Arts & Culture - Film
2/11/2013 1:22:02 PM
A shopkeeper leaks to the media a handwritten warning by Pakistani Taliban to quit selling 'anti-Islamic' Viagra pills and 'obscene films'

World - International
2/4/2013 2:23:40 PM
In a new bid to open a new channel of peace talks between Afghanistan and Pakistan, British PM Cameron hosts a summit near London with the participation of political and security establishments from both the Asian countries

World - International
2/3/2013 2:36:35 PM
Pakistan Taliban condemns the French intervention in Mali and asks the whole Muslim world to unite because it is an 'ideological war'

World - International
1/31/2013 8:38:52 PM
Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik warns of a possible disaster in Karachi as 'three groups have planned large-scale militancy'

Egypt - Politics
1/22/2013 1:51:04 PM
Pakistani polio virus found in Cairo's sewage water

World - Region
1/17/2013 11:51:17 AM
A day after 42 people were killed in a wave of attacks across Iraq, 12 people die and 64 others injured in a series of bomb attacks

World - Region
1/16/2013 12:25:58 PM
Saudi Arabia beheads a Pakistani man for 'smuggling heroin and hashish' into the Gulf kingdom

World - International
1/13/2013 2:18:22 PM

World - Region
1/12/2013 5:45:30 PM
Shiite families vow to continue sit-in protest until army restores security after latest Quetta bombings

World - International
1/6/2013 1:27:26 PM
Each side blames the other for the flare-up Sunday morning along disputed Kashmir; Pakistan says one of its soldiers was killed

World - International
1/5/2013 4:32:56 PM
Pakistani Mullah Nazir, killed by US drone strike last week, seen as 'a patriot' whose death was 'an effort to destroy peace in the region'

World - International
1/4/2013 2:35:48 PM
Pakistan's 15-year old girl Malala Yousufzai leaves a British hospital after medical reports showed her recovery from a shot in the head by Taliban militants

World - International
1/3/2013 10:34:31 AM
Mullah Nazir, the main Taliban militant commander in Pakistan's South Waziristan, and five of his associates were killed in a US drone strike

World - International
12/30/2012 10:17:37 AM
Pakistani Taliban claims responsibility for kidnapping and executing 21 paramilitary force men and vows to carry out further attacks on Pakistani security forces

World - International
12/30/2012 9:50:06 AM
At least three Shiites are killed and 25 injured in what seems to be a kind of sectarian violence between Pakistani Sunni Muslims and Shiites in Baluchistan

World - International
12/28/2012 4:22:21 PM
US drones kill four people in a Pakistani region near the Afghan border

World - International
12/27/2012 6:33:07 PM

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