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World - International
5/16/2011 12:29:32 PM
U.S. Senator John Kerry will push Pakistani leaders to explain how Osama bin Laden was able to hide in their country for years, without further inflaming Pakistani anger over the U.S. raid that killed bin Laden

World - Region
5/13/2011 3:48:34 PM
Two Suicide bombs attack Pakistani paramilitary academy leaving 80 soldiers dead, in revenge for the death of Osama bin Laden

World - Region
5/12/2011 1:15:42 PM
Opposition party supporters take to the streets to express their anger at America and the Pakistani government in the wake of bin Laden's death

World - International
5/11/2011 5:06:52 PM
US senator John Kerry's upcoming visit to Pakistan intended to ease tensions, says Pakistani minister

World - International
5/10/2011 3:11:51 PM
US-Pakistani relations are strained further as US expects Pakistan to allow the questioning of bin Laden's women soon;the US admits to granting SEAL's permission to kill Pakistani forces if they interfere

World - International
5/9/2011 4:21:17 PM
Pakistani PM Gilani slams US accusations of Pakistani complicity with al-Qaeda over bin Laden hideout, criticizes US raid despite previous praise

World - International
5/7/2011 11:03:11 AM
US Administration looking for Pakistani Intelligence elements who were in contact with bin Laden

World - International
5/6/2011 2:47:29 PM
In a statement on the internet, Al-Qaeda confirms the death of its leader Osama bin Laden and calls on the Pakistani people to rise up

World - International
5/5/2011 4:15:49 PM
The covert US mission that killed Osama bin Laden has pushed Pakistani citizens to voice their anger over the blatant breach of their sovereignty that poses their government tricky questions

World - International
5/4/2011 2:17:36 PM
The special forces raid that killed Osama bin Laden was a major intelligence coup for the US but the fact that Pakistan was kept in the dark reflects American mistrust of the Pakistani military and opens it to criticism

World - Region
5/3/2011 12:08:59 PM
Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari stresses cooperation with US, denies US suspicions to have known bin Laden's location

World - Region
5/3/2011 12:07:02 PM
The already strained relationship between the US and Pakistan could yet deteriorate further following Osama Bin Laden's death while Congress appears open to reconsidering billions of dollars of aid to the Pakistani army

World - Region
5/2/2011 12:13:07 PM
"Unverified" picture of bin Laden aired today on Pakistani TV withdrawn for being fake

World - International
4/3/2011 5:18:20 PM
Pakistani police say two suicide bomb attacks kill 41 and wounds 70+ outside Sufi shrine

World - International
3/3/2011 10:50:20 AM
A suicide car bomb targeting police killed at least nine people and wounded 31 others in a troubled northwestern Pakistani town

World - Region
2/16/2011 3:29:58 PM
Senator John Kerry meets Pakistani officials to discuss case of the American detainee Raymond Davis

Business - Markets & Companies
12/22/2010 2:18:45 PM
A software developed by a Pakistan firm became the best selling paid-for application for the Blackberry

World - International
12/17/2010 11:26:24 AM
Pakistani officials: A pair of US drone strikes killed at least 10 militants in Pakistan's tribal district of Khyber, targeting the same valley for a second day running

World - Region
11/30/2010 2:01:57 PM
A suicide attack on Tuesday near a Pakistani police station close to the Afghan border has killed six people, including two children, officials said

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