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World - International
7/22/2024 11:16:56 AM
More than 500 people, including some opposition leaders, have been arrested over days of clashes in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka sparked by protests against job quotas, police said Monday.

World - International
7/22/2024 9:46:38 AM
Bangladesh’s top court on Sunday scaled back a controversial quota system for government job applicants, a partial victory for student protesters after days of nationwide unrest and deadly clashes between police and demonstrators that have killed scores of people.

World - Africa
7/21/2024 12:42:47 PM
Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga on Sunday made "justice" a prerequisite before any talks with the government a month on from deadly demonstrations.

World - International
7/21/2024 10:40:26 AM
Bangladeshi authorities extended a curfew across the country on Sunday as the nation's top court was expected to rule on a civil service hiring quota that has led to days of deadly clashes between police and protesters, killing scores of people.

World - International
7/20/2024 11:45:26 AM
Soldiers were patrolling Bangladeshi cities on Saturday to quell growing civil unrest sparked by student demonstrations, with riot police firing on protesters who defied a government curfew.

World - International
7/17/2024 4:28:09 PM
Authorities in Bangladesh urged all universities to close on Wednesday, the day after at least six people died in violent protests over the allocation of government jobs and police raided the headquarters of the main opposition party.

World - International
7/16/2024 9:09:16 PM
Bangladesh ordered schools and universities around the country to close indefinitely on Tuesday after six students were killed in protests that prompted the mobilisation of paramilitaries to keep order.

World - Africa
7/16/2024 2:18:57 PM
Police were out in force in the centre of Kenya's capital on Tuesday after calls for more demonstrations against the embattled government of President William Ruto.

World - Africa
7/11/2024 6:53:33 PM
Kenyan President William Ruto announced Thursday the dismissal of almost his entire cabinet and consultations to form a "broad-based government", as he scrambled to contain the fallout of deadly protests against his administration.

World - Africa
7/9/2024 12:30:40 PM
Moody's has downgraded Kenya's debt rating further into junk territory and warned the outlook was negative after a wave of protests led the government to abandon proposed tax hikes.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
7/9/2024 11:30:13 AM
The United Nations protested on Tuesday over the latest mass evacuation orders issued by Israel in Gaza as the army said it had killed dozens of militants in "close-quarters combat" in its latest offensive in Gaza City.

World - Africa
7/5/2024 5:59:24 PM
Kenyan President William Ruto on Friday announced fresh borrowing plans and spending cuts after contentious tax hikes were scrapped following protests that left 39 people dead.

World - Region
7/5/2024 12:21:06 PM
Iranians began voting Friday in a runoff election to replace the late President Ebrahim Raisi, killed in a helicopter crash last month, as public apathy has become pervasive in the Islamic Republic after years of economic woes, mass protests and tensions in the Middle East.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
7/4/2024 9:50:04 AM
Protesters scaled Australia's national parliament on Thursday, unfurling banners reading "Palestine will be free", and accusing Prime Minister Anthony Albanese of complicity in the Gaza war.

World - Africa
7/3/2024 9:51:07 PM
The Kenyan presidency said Wednesday it had ordered a review of salary increases for public servants in an apparent move to defuse tensions after a wave of sometimes deadly anti-government protests.

World - Africa
7/2/2024 9:55:18 AM
Kenya was bracing on Tuesday for fresh protest action against the government after anti-tax hike demonstrations last month descended into violence that left dozens of people dead.

World - International
6/29/2024 7:41:28 PM
The far-right AfD declared its ambition to rise to power in Germany as its party congress kicked off Saturday with clashes between hooded demonstrators and police, just weeks after it scored record EU election results.

World - Africa
6/29/2024 11:28:59 AM
At least 30 people died in protests in Kenya this week sparked by a government drive to substantially raise taxes in the East African country, Human Rights Watch said Saturday.

World - Africa
6/27/2024 7:44:12 PM
Hundreds of people protested in the Kenyan capital on Thursday where isolated scuffles broke out with police firing rubber bullets and tear gas as turnout by demonstrators dropped sharply following deadly clashes earlier this week.

World - Africa
6/27/2024 2:52:10 PM
Kenyan police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrators in Nairobi on Thursday, as protesters returned to the streets despite President William Ruto scrapping contentious tax hikes after deadly clashes.

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