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Egypt - Health
11/4/2023 12:09:22 AM
Seventeen injured Palestinians crossed into Egypt on Friday through the Rafah crossing for treatment, while the Israeli ongoing onslaught impeded the arrival of 11 others.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
11/3/2023 12:37:01 PM
The Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC) announced on Friday the delivery of the tenth batch of urgent humanitarian aid to the Palestinian Red Crescent in Gaza through the Rafah Crossing.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
11/1/2023 11:32:30 PM
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry exchanged views on Wednesday with UK’s Foreign Secretary James Cleverly on the necessity of implementing an immediate humanitarian truce, sustaining full aid delivery, and protecting civilians in Gaza, the Egyptian foreign ministry said.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
11/1/2023 3:16:49 PM
Scores of Palestinians injured in Israel's ongoing onslaught on the Gaza Strip arrived in Egypt on Wednesday while dual nationals left the strip through the Rafah border crossing under a deal on limited evacuation, according to media reports.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
11/1/2023 9:47:38 AM
A group of 40 Egyptian ambulances carrying Palestinians injured in Israel's ongoing onslaught on the Gaza Strip reached the Egyptian side of the Rafah Crossing, according to media reports.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
10/31/2023 11:07:00 PM
Egypt is ready to allow thousands of trucks to cross into Gaza daily through the Rafah crossing, but Israel is delaying them and completely prohibiting the entry of fuel, Head of State Information Service (SIS) Diaa Rashwan said on Tuesday.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
10/31/2023 10:34:00 PM
Egypt will permit 81 critically injured Palestinians through the Rafah border crossing to receive treatment in Egypt, the Palestinian Crossings and Borders authority told Al-Qahera News Tuesday.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
10/31/2023 6:17:38 PM
Egypt’s Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly called for international action to end the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, reiterating Egypt’s rejection of the collective punishment policy against the people of Gaza.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
10/25/2023 12:23:00 AM
A fourth convoy of humanitarian aid entered Gaza through the Rafah crossing from Egypt late Tuesday.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
10/24/2023 11:58:15 PM
Israel is responsible for impeding the exit of foreign nationals trapped in the Gaza Strip through the Rafah Crossing because it shelled the roads leading to the crossing on the Palestinian side, Diaa Rashwan, Head of Egypt's State Information Service (SIS) said.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
10/22/2023 11:30:36 PM
Israel said it allowed the entry of humanitarian aid from Egypt to southern Gaza through the Rafah border crossing on Sunday, saying it will only “allow the entry of food, water, and medical supplies but not fuel.”

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
10/22/2023 2:53:40 PM
17 trucks carrying humanitarian aid crossed the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza on Sunday shortly after 2 p.m. as the border crossing opened for the second time in as many days, according to Al-Qahera News channel.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
10/22/2023 12:06:00 PM
During the Cairo Summit held on Saturday, Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi emphasized his call for a sustainable opening of the Rafah crossing, a lifeline for humanitarian aid to flow into Gaza. On the other side of the border, the Palestinians demand aid, with no strings attached.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
10/21/2023 1:37:00 PM
The Rafah border crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip finally opened on Saturday, allowing 20 trucks carrying humanitarian aid including food and medical supplies, from multiple regional and international parties, to deliver aid to 2.3 million Palestinians in the strip.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
10/20/2023 8:41:33 PM
US President Joe Biden said Friday he believed the first trucks carrying aid to Gaza would come through the Rafah crossing from Egypt within the next two days.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
10/20/2023 3:57:50 PM
In a press conference on Friday in front of Egypt's Rafah crossing, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the aid convoys that have been held up waiting for safe passage into Gaza are “a lifeline and the difference between life and death for so many” in the embattled enclave.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
10/19/2023 8:13:00 PM
A U.N. flag will be raised at the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza to protect against Israeli airstrikes under a U.N.-brokered deal between Israel and Egypt to allow aid into the Palestinian territory.

Egypt - Society
10/18/2023 3:27:47 PM
Volunteers from the Decent Life Foundation and the National Alliance for Civil Development Work (NACDW) have staged a sit-in in front of the Rafah crossing to protest the relocation of Palestinians into Sinai and Israel's refusal to allow safe passage for humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
10/18/2023 12:31:53 PM
Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs gave an interview to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, where he revealed 4 Egyptian workers were injured at the Rafah border crossing, discussed Egypt’s stance on the displacement of 2 million Palestinians, and re-addressed claims that Egyptian intelligence warned Israel of a Hamas attack.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
10/17/2023 9:25:29 PM
Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry has rejected as “unacceptable” any attempts to misrepresent Egypt’s position on Rafah Crossing, asserting that the crossing has never been officially closed by Egypt, but it isn’t functioning normally after being targeted by Israel four times.

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