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World - War in Ukraine
1/6/2023 12:27:52 PM
A brief ceasefire declared by Russian President Vladimir Putin but dismissed by Ukraine as an empty gesture was due to have taken effect on Friday in what would be the first full pause since Moscow's invasion in February 2022.

World - War in Ukraine
1/5/2023 6:35:00 PM
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday ordered a temporary ceasefire in Ukraine on Orthodox Christmas, celebrated this week by both countries, according to the Kremlin.

World - War in Ukraine
1/5/2023 2:01:03 PM
President Vladimir Putin told Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he was open to dialogue with Ukraine if Kyiv accepts territories occupied by Moscow as Russian, the Kremlin said Thursday.

World - International
1/5/2023 1:26:58 PM
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday pressed Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to declare a "unilateral" ceasefire in Ukraine.

World - War in Ukraine
1/4/2023 10:56:36 PM
President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday presided over the launch of a warship armed with new hypersonic cruise missiles on a training mission to the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and the Mediterranean.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
1/3/2023 10:32:16 PM
The China-Russia summit meeting at the end of December ushered in a new year of high-stakes interactions between the world’s great powers, writes Hussein Haridy

World - War in Ukraine
1/3/2023 8:42:09 PM
President Vladimir Putin ordered his government on Tuesday to ensure by February the screening in cinemas of documentary films dedicated to his assault on Ukraine and the fight against "neo-Nazi" ideology.

World - War in Ukraine
1/2/2023 2:40:56 PM
A fresh aerial strike targeted Kyiv in the early hours of Monday after a New Year´s weekend marked by dozens of Russian assaults that killed at least four people.

World - War in Ukraine
12/31/2022 9:01:27 PM
Russian President Vladimir Putin's New Year's address to the nation usually is rather anodyne and backed with a soothing view of a snowy Kremlin. This year, with soldiers in the background, he lashed out at the West and Ukraine.

World - War in Ukraine
12/31/2022 5:23:18 PM
President Vladimir Putin used his New Year's address to the nation to accuse Western countries of aggression and trying to use the conflict in Ukraine to undermine Moscow.

World - War in Ukraine
12/30/2022 2:09:42 PM
US President Joe Biden, France's Emmanuel Macron, and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will not be receiving New Year's greetings from Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin said on Friday.

World - International
12/30/2022 11:52:23 AM
Russian leader Vladimir Putin told Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday he was keen to ramp up military cooperation and hailed the two countries' efforts to counter Western influence.

World - International
12/29/2022 3:03:42 PM
Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold talks by video link with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Friday, the Kremlin said, as Russia seeks to bolster ties with Beijing.

World - War in Ukraine
12/25/2022 7:55:22 PM
President Vladimir Putin claimed that Russia is ready for talks to end the war in Ukraine even as the country faced more attacks from Moscow _ a clear sign that peace wasn't imminent.

World - War in Ukraine
12/25/2022 1:07:09 PM
Russian President Vladimir Putin blasted the West for trying to "tear apart" Russia, in extracts from an interview to be aired on national television later Sunday.

World - War in Ukraine
12/22/2022 9:42:33 PM
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Thursday that Russia has shown no real interest in ending the war in Ukraine, as President Vladimir Putin voiced hope for a speedy resolution.

World - War in Ukraine
12/21/2022 10:15:40 PM
The Senate voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to confirm the new US ambassador to Russia.

World - War in Ukraine
12/21/2022 4:59:40 PM
The Kremlin warned Wednesday that increasing the supply of U.S. arms to Ukraine would aggravate the devastating 10-month war ignited by Russia's illegal invasion and "does not bode well'' for the neighboring country, where President Vladimir Putin vowed Russia would achieve its goals.

World - War in Ukraine
12/20/2022 12:46:33 PM
President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday said the situation in four territories of Ukraine that Russia claims to have annexed was "extremely difficult".

World - War in Ukraine
12/19/2022 5:25:09 PM
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday arrived for a rare visit to neighbouring Belarus, which Moscow used to launch its invasion of Ukraine nearly 10 months ago, for talks with close ally and strongman leader Alexander Lukashenko.

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