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Business - Energy
2/19/2022 12:40:14 PM
Leading gas producers meet in Qatar from Sunday to discuss how to answer frantic world demand, with Russian President Vladimir Putin expected to stay away as Ukraine tensions soar, diplomats said.

World - International
2/19/2022 10:21:57 AM
US President Joe Biden says he is now ``convinced'' Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to invade Ukraine and assault the capital, an ominous assessment that emerged as the country's war-torn east saw more attacks that the West said could be designed to establish a pretext for an attack.

World - International
2/18/2022 7:24:02 PM
An invasion is not the only way the crisis in Ukraine can play out, a diplomatic solution may yet provide an off-ramp for Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose placement of tens of thousands of troops along Russia's border with its smaller neighbor kicked off the current crisis.

World - International
2/18/2022 4:44:24 PM
Even if the U.S. succeeds in deterring Russian President Vladimir Putin from ordering a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, he will remain determined to bring Ukraine to heel and has “a whole host of options of things that he can do,” said Fiona Hill, a Russia scholar who has served in the past three U.S. administrations.

World - International
2/16/2022 6:52:43 PM
Fears among Western governments that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent have eased but not disappeared. Diplomatic efforts to avert war got new energy this week after Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia was willing to discuss security issues with NATO, and Russia said it was withdrawing some of its troops gathered near Ukraine's borders.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
2/16/2022 11:48:00 AM
The intentions of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the crisis over Ukraine are inflaming the international guessing game on whether an invasion will happen.

World - International
2/15/2022 9:34:00 PM
Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday he was ready to continue working with the West on security issues to de-escalate tensions over Ukraine.

World - International
2/15/2022 7:43:07 PM
​The EU on Tuesday condemned a bid by Russian lawmakers to have President Vladimir Putin recognise separatist regions in Ukraine as independent, saying it would violate the Minsk agreements Moscow had signed up to.

World - International
2/15/2022 6:50:36 PM
President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that Russia does not want war after Western capitals accused Moscow of amassing troops near Ukraine with plans to invade.

World - International
2/15/2022 11:50:34 AM
Diplomatic efforts to head off what U.S. officials have warned could be an imminent Russian attack on Ukraine entered a new round on Monday. Russia's top diplomat advised President Vladimir Putin to continue talks and Germany's chancellor met the Ukrainian president.

World - International
2/14/2022 8:22:47 PM
Russia strengthened its forces amassed on the border of Ukraine over the weekend, the Pentagon's spokesman said Monday, despite Moscow's announcement that it was ending some military drills.

World - International
2/14/2022 7:25:19 PM
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to step back from "the edge of a precipice", warning that an invasion of Ukraine could come within 48 hours.

World - International
2/14/2022 3:53:10 PM
Russia's top diplomat advised President Vladimir Putin on Monday to continue talks with the West on Russian security demands amid rising tensions over Ukraine.

World - International
2/12/2022 9:26:24 PM
The Kremlin on Saturday denounced US "peak hysteria" surrounding the Ukraine conflict but said Russian President Vladimir Putin and US leader Joe Biden had agreed to continue dialogue.

World - International
2/12/2022 7:54:14 PM
With the risk of war looming larger, Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Joe Biden held a high-stakes telephone call Saturday as a tense world watched and worried that an invasion of Ukraine could begin within days.

World - International
2/12/2022 3:47:36 PM
US President Joe Biden and France's Emmanuel Macron prepared to sound out Russia's Vladimir Putin on Saturday and Ukraine urged its citizens not to panic after Washington warned that an all-out invasion could begin "any day".

World - International
2/12/2022 12:26:33 PM
Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Joe Biden are to hold a high-stakes telephone call on Saturday as tensions over a possibility imminent invasion of Ukraine escalated sharply and the U.S. announced plans to evacuate its embassy in the Ukrainian capital.

World - Region
2/8/2022 11:02:49 PM
With Europe worried about its gas supplies amid fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, Qatar will host a summit of top natural gas exporters including Russia, organizers said Tuesday.

World - International
2/8/2022 10:37:02 AM
In a flurry of diplomacy across two continents, President Joe Biden met with Germany's new leader Monday and vowed the crucial Nord Stream 2 Russia-to-Germany gas pipeline will be blocked if Russia further invades Ukraine. Russia's Vladimir Putin retorted that the US and its allies are the only ones talking invasion.

World - International
2/6/2022 9:36:29 AM
Russia has assembled at least 70 percent of the military firepower it likely intends to have in place by mid-month to give President Vladimir Putin the option of launching a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, US officials say.

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