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World - Region
12/1/2012 9:57:15 AM
Clinton says the US administration is very clear with Israel that building new settlements in east Jerusalem and the West Bank sets back the cause of a negotiated peace with the Palestinians

World - Region
11/29/2012 9:53:27 AM
Washington warns Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to cut around $200 million in aid, currently blocked in the US Congress, as he seek UN recognition of statehood

World - Region
11/26/2012 5:08:34 PM
Tehran charges US with trying to shield nuclear-armed Israel from criticism after Washington cancels scheduled conference devoted to nuclear weapons-free Middle East

World - Region
11/25/2012 10:37:22 AM
Key dates in the life of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, whose body will be exhumed Tuesday in response to those who doubt he died of health complications

World - Region
11/22/2012 11:16:11 PM
Mediating the Gaza truce was a bravura diplomatic performance by Egypt's President Mursi, jacking up his personal stature & reassuring an anxious Washington that the architecture of Middle East peace can survive the Arab Spring

World - International
11/21/2012 10:05:26 AM
US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta calls for greater support on Washington's diplomatic and developmental fronts, as the military force will never be enough to wipe out the threat of Al-Qaeda

World - International
11/20/2012 1:22:50 PM
US President Barack Obama urges the establishment of 'clear rules' for trade and investment with China, Washington's chief economic rival, during his first meeting with a Beijing official after re-election

Business - Economy
11/17/2012 2:19:02 PM
Two leading U.S. economists expressed deep pessimism on Friday that politicians in Washington will be able to strike a deal to rein in America's soaring national debt

World - International
11/15/2012 7:42:35 PM
A political clash will likely be seen between US President Barack Obama and the Congress over the shocking resignation of Petraeus and the deadly attack on the US mission in Libya

World - Region
11/13/2012 10:50:36 PM
Washington describes Syria's opposition National Coalition as 'legitimate representative' of Syrian people following talks in Doha aimed at uniting anti-Assad groups

World - Region
11/12/2012 10:12:46 AM
Amid heightened Washington-Tehran tensions, sanctions-plagued Iran begins large-scale air defence exercises in the country's eastern half

Egypt - The Balance Sheet
11/11/2012 3:53:02 PM
Preparations are underway for Egyptian President Morsi to visit Washington, where he will seek to secure a promised $450 million economic aid package and to build stronger political and economic ties between the two countries

World - International
11/10/2012 3:51:04 PM
President Obama reportedly refused to initially accept US spy chief's resignation

World - Region
11/10/2012 2:04:04 PM
Iraq cancels $4.2bn weapons deal with Russia, frustrating Russia's attempts to curry favour in region after backing unpopular Assad regime

World - Region
11/10/2012 1:51:00 PM
Opposition National Council elects dissident George Sabra, a Christian, as its chief amid heavy fighting between Assad troops and rebels

Life & Style - Food
11/5/2012 3:09:23 PM
Classes with the greats: Chef Jose Andres popoularsed tapas in the DC area and is now set to lecture on the deeper significance of food at George Washington U

World - Region
11/2/2012 12:50:49 PM
The Syrian National Council slams the United States for saying that the exiled opposition group remains unrepresentative of Syria's different political factions

Egypt - Politics
11/1/2012 1:55:18 PM
Ongoing trial of American NGO workers came as 'shock' to Washington, but US-Egypt relationship will 'continue to flourish,' US Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson declares Thursday

World - Region
10/24/2012 11:58:15 AM
Washington slams Kuwait for injuring 100 protesters who took part in thousands-strong protest rejecting recent amendments to electoral law

World - Region
10/23/2012 9:06:30 PM
US administration says that Qatar's amir did not discuss his visit to Gaza with Washington calling it a humanitarian mission

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