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World - International
4/3/2022 1:55:08 PM
Pakistan's president dissolved Parliament on Sunday setting the stage for early elections after the prime minister sidestepped a no-confidence move earlier in the day.

Egypt - Politics
9/1/2013 4:58:53 PM
Head of dissolved Parliament and former spiritual leader of Muslim Brotherhood receive extended detentions pending investigation

World - Region
6/26/2013 4:21:56 PM
Initially slated for 25 July, Kuwaiti elections for dissolved parliament re-set for 27 July

Egypt - Politics
9/17/2012 5:51:37 PM
Samy Mahran, a parliamentarian from the Mubarak era whose services were used by the Muslim Brotherhood after the revolution, is referred to court for illegally acquiring LE22 million as the People's Assembly secretary general

Egypt -
8/1/2012 4:35:42 PM
Following accusations made by MP of the dissolved parliament Essam Sultan that Mubarak-era minister Ahmed Shafiq sold state land to Mubarak's sons, Alaa and Gamal Mubarak are being questioned by an investigation judge

Egypt - Politics
7/17/2012 8:33:27 PM
The Administrative Court will give its verdicts on the constitutional addendum which dissolved parliament, and Morsi's presidential decree to reinstate the body, later this week

Egypt - First 100 days
7/15/2012 6:18:00 PM
President Morsi approves a law regulating the selection of Constituent Assembly members, drafted on 11 June by the now-dissolved People's Assembly

Egypt - Politics
6/16/2012 5:59:33 PM
Brotherhood leaders meet on Saturday to discuss the ruling by the High Constitutional Court, which has dissolved parliament, where they hold majority

Egypt - Politics
6/15/2012 1:07:23 PM
Constitutional expert Tarek El-Beshri says Egypt's ruling military council does not have the authority to issue laws instead of dissolved parliament

World - Region
2/3/2012 11:32:24 AM
Sunni Islamist-led opposition secures 34 out of 50 parliamentary seats in Kuwait's polls compared with just nine in the dissolved parliament, while liberals won only two places against five previously