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Al-Ahram Weekly - Economy
7/9/2024 10:11:04 PM
Sherine Abdel-Razek takes a closer look at the performance of the Egyptian stock market and listed companies during the first half of this year

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
7/9/2024 10:03:02 PM
The economy will be the focus of Tunisia’s upcoming presidential election, reports Kamel Abdallah

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
7/6/2024 6:38:00 PM
Because of power cuts, shoppers need to adapt to the new closing hours of stores.

Egypt - Politics
7/4/2024 6:04:38 PM
Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly stated that his new cabinet will form several ministerial groups that will tackle key files, including industry, economy, and energy.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Economy
7/3/2024 7:58:44 PM
A $21 billion world-class public-private partnership project is expected to change the face of Egypt’s North Coast, reports Safeya Mounir

Al-Ahram Weekly - Economy
7/3/2024 7:53:18 PM
The European Union’s promises to support the Egyptian economy were born out this week at a two-day Egypt-EU investment conference in Cairo, reports

Business - Economy
7/3/2024 5:49:25 PM
Canada posted a third consecutive monthly trade deficit in May, widening from Can$1.3 billion to Can$1.9 billion (US$ 1.4 billion), the national statistical agency said Wednesday.

Business - Tech
7/1/2024 5:43:00 PM
Egypt and a group of European investors signed three agreements in the telecommunication and information technology sector on the second day of the two-day Egypt-EU Investment Conference hosted by Egypt on 29-30 June.

Business - Economy
6/29/2024 7:02:02 PM
Anna Bjerde, the World Bank’s Managing Director for Operations, stressed to Ahram Online (AO) that the recent measures taken by Egypt, particularly in monetary policy and the liberalization of the exchange rate, were necessary to restore balance and stability to the economy

Business - Economy
6/29/2024 12:08:00 PM
Egyptian president Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said the Egypt-EU Investment conference in Cairo sends “a powerful message of confidence and support from the European Union for the Egyptian economy and the economic reform measures implemented over the past decade.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Economy
6/29/2024 11:13:00 AM
The Egypt-EU Investment Conference signals the beginning of a new economic partnership between Egypt and the European Union.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
6/28/2024 1:03:00 PM
Al-Ahram Weekly reports on the differences between Egypt’s newly introduced Sharia-compliant index and other stock market indices.

Business - Economy
6/26/2024 4:50:25 PM
International credit rating agency Fitch downgraded the Maldives Wednesday and warned that South Asia's tourist paradise could be headed for a sovereign default on its foreign loans.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
6/26/2024 9:30:00 AM
The government mobilised this week to find a solution to Egypt’s recurring power outages.

World - Region
6/24/2024 2:18:08 PM
Iranians broadly deplore Western sanctions that have battered the economy, but the country's six presidential candidates offer differing solutions, assuming the winner gets a say on foreign policy.

Business - Economy
6/21/2024 3:30:35 PM
Worldwide foreign direct investment fell for a second consecutive year in 2023 amid a global economic slowdown, coupled with swelling trade and geopolitical tensions, the United Nations said Thursday.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
6/16/2024 7:23:00 PM
People are resorting to different ways to donate meat to the needy despite economic difficulties, especially during the feast.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Economy
6/16/2024 4:39:00 PM
Egypt’s poultry market has decreased supply to meet decreasing demand

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
6/16/2024 2:33:00 PM
With stability restored to the foreign-exchange market, the time is ripe to increase exports.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
6/13/2024 8:45:03 PM
Israel’s extremist Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich has decided to cut funding provided to the Palestinian Authority (PA) by 130 million Israeli new shekels NIS or $35 million from revenues collected by Israel on behalf of the PA.

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