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8/19/2014 8:30:36 PM
Power cuts have increased this week in Egypt as production capacities fall and - the government says - terrorists target electricity pylons

Business - Economy
8/11/2014 7:18:54 PM
Price hikes attributed to the rising cost of natural gas

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7/25/2014 5:55:55 PM
The Household Natural Gas Connection Project is designed to reduce energy costs for households and lower the government's subsidy bill

Business - Economy
7/17/2014 5:33:47 PM
Egyptian natural gas production declined by 14 percent in May while electricity production increased

Business - Economy
7/13/2014 12:07:44 PM
Consultant estimates reserves of world's largest offshore gas field even larger than previously believed, at 620 billion cubic metres

Business - Economy
7/10/2014 3:41:30 PM
Egypt's talk with Norwegian firm to secure a floating liquefied natural gas terminal faces obstacles. The government are restarting talks with a U.S.rival firm

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6/29/2014 8:14:58 PM
BG looking to Israel's offshore Leviathan field to supply its Egyptian plant - sparked by Egypt's problems with output and fuel shortages

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6/17/2014 8:43:16 PM
Natural gas production also down by 14 percent from same period last year, as government looks to improved year in fiscal year starting in July

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6/12/2014 4:20:01 PM
Several gas fields should start production in the next six months to help alleviate Egypt's growing energy concerns - especially ahead of the summer

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6/10/2014 3:23:20 PM

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5/28/2014 6:56:28 PM
Sherif Ismail, petroleum minister, assures that no power cuts — common recently and a source of unrest in 2013 — will mar this week's presidential poll or the count

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5/18/2014 7:12:00 PM
In a bid to up production of natural gas to meet shortfalls in supply, some 17 new wells will be opened, with drilling starting September

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5/12/2014 11:57:38 AM

Business - Economy
5/7/2014 2:53:23 PM
Funds needed to secure supplies for power stations and cover other costs as demand will soon outstrip domestic supplies

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5/6/2014 8:28:37 PM
Internationally-owned liquefaction facility in Damietta is set to import natural gas from Israel's second-largest field to replace Egypt's diverted supplies

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4/30/2014 6:26:35 PM

Business - Economy
4/6/2014 7:09:20 PM
Natural gas production was down 10 percent in January, dropping exports revenues by 60 percent, according to the IDSC

Business - Economy
4/2/2014 8:52:57 PM
Government announces plans to import natural gas and diesel, as well as build three new power plants in response to the sharp spike in power cuts earlier this week

World - Region
3/27/2014 8:47:08 PM

Egypt - Politics
2/26/2014 9:51:32 AM
Suspected militants blow up pipeline taking gas to Jordan in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, no injuries reported

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