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World - International
6/5/2021 7:53:36 PM
Biden used his weekly address for a brief Zoom chat with Obama to draw attention to the six-month expanded enrollment period that closes Aug. 15.

Multimedia -
5/3/2021 2:52:22 PM
Beaches, parks, Zoos and other outdoor venues are shut as the country struggles with a tough wave of coronavirus!

Egypt - Politics
4/19/2021 12:01:27 PM
The infection generally occurs after direct contact with infected animals, including bats and pig

Multimedia -
4/5/2021 4:04:51 PM

Egypt - Politics
3/23/2021 5:54:27 PM
'Rasha' and 'Sukar' are the first cubs to be born in 2021

Arts & Culture - Entertainment
3/1/2021 12:24:31 PM
Of course, there were the usual confounding results and baffling snubs, compounded here by some epic Zoom fails

World - International
12/1/2020 12:40:02 PM
Kaavan greeted a fellow inhabitant of the Cambodian sanctuary where he is beginning his new life after being rescued from grim conditions in a Pakistani zoo

World - International
11/16/2020 9:52:28 AM
Johnson said on Sunday he had been told by the NHS Test & Trace scheme to self-isolate for two weeks

Arts & Culture - Screens
10/28/2020 6:29:00 PM
While Netflix has 16 mln users all over the world, Zoom was the hero of the pandemic, successfully connecting people who couldn’t physically meet, the panelists' shared data said

Arts & Culture - Screens
10/21/2020 8:58:47 PM
The festival screened more than 20 films made by female filmmakers, held a Zoom meeting discussing “The role of women in the reconstruction of Lebanese memory”

Egypt - Politics
9/29/2020 9:11:31 PM
An operating theatre was set up on the zoo's premises

Egypt - Politics
8/23/2020 11:20:12 PM

Al-Ahram Weekly - Sports
8/4/2020 5:46:44 PM
In a Zoom meeting with his fans, Egypt’s Tarek Momen, the world’s squash champion, talks about Netflix addiction,his toughest opponent and a firstborn coming soon

World - Africa
7/20/2020 1:33:00 PM
Sub-Saharan Africa already has the highest rates of children out of school anywhere in the world, with nearly 1/5 of children between the ages of 6 and 11 and over 1/3 of youth between 12 and 14 not attending

Al-Ahram Weekly - Entre nous
7/7/2020 9:25:24 PM

Business - Markets & Companies
6/26/2020 4:49:12 PM

World - International
6/12/2020 9:56:14 AM

World - International
4/28/2020 3:00:00 PM
Google Meet had previously been reserved for subscribers to the premium G Suite software tools for businesses

World - International
4/24/2020 8:55:38 PM

Egypt - Politics
3/17/2020 3:47:05 PM
Schools, universities, and mass gatherings have also been suspended

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