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Egypt - Politics
10/15/2011 12:29:15 PM
The 6 April Movement has distributed flyers containing the names of the former NDP figures who intend to ‎participate in upcoming parliamentary poll

Egypt - Politics
10/13/2011 5:45:00 PM
Ahmed Maher faction of the 6 April movement calls SCAF's Wednesday press conference 'misleading,' demands information minister's resignation and investigations of military police officers

Egypt - Politics
10/2/2011 1:40:54 PM
The January 25 Revolution youth appear to flounder as political parties grab the attention following Saturday’s meeting with Egypt’s military rulers

Egypt - Politics
10/1/2011 12:58:32 PM
The nomination of the 6 April Movement in Egypt for the Nobel Peace Prize proves the movement's integrity, say members

Egypt - Politics
9/28/2011 5:55:13 PM
The 6 April Movement announced in a press conference that it does not agree with the amendments to the Elections Law, and will not take part in parliamentary elections, and plan on joining Tahrir demonstrations Friday

Egypt - Politics
9/17/2011 11:38:49 AM
The 6 April Movement will soon its elections campaign, dubbed "Black and White"

Egypt - Politics
9/15/2011 2:10:30 PM
First vote since group's 2008 founding was supervised by an unofficial judicial committee with 63 officials and authorities invited to monitor proceedings

Egypt - Politics
8/20/2011 2:53:43 PM
The 6 April Movement says the Israeli ambassador should be expelled and gas exports cut, while hailing the decision to recall Egypt's ambassador in Tel Aviv

Egypt - Politics
8/11/2011 4:18:00 PM
The 6 April Movement, which played a significant role in the 25 January Revolution, is riven with internal division, with two groups claiming to represent the movement on the street

Egypt - Politics
8/5/2011 1:29:10 PM
Internal divisions within the 6 April Movement have spread to Alexandria, where the adherents of the youth movement are increasingly taking sides

Egypt - Politics
8/4/2011 3:31:39 PM
Amid accusations made by the interim government that many NGOs are receiving external funds, undermining the country's national security, Egypt's Central Bank asks all domestic banks to report on civil society account transfers

Egypt - Politics
7/31/2011 5:54:06 PM
Along with 26 other political groups, the April 6 Youth Movement will suspend its sit-in Tahrir Square, at least until the end of the holy month of Ramadan

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
7/25/2011 5:51:00 PM
Carlos Latuff and Ahmad Nady draw caricatures to lampoon the most recent attacks by SCAF on protesters

Egypt - Politics
7/24/2011 5:15:00 PM
Clashes erupted again in Abbasiya, near the headquarters of the ruling military council, as political forces of the January 25 Revolution tried to reach the site to stage a protest

Egypt - Politics
7/23/2011 5:36:26 PM
Thousands are answering the call made by 28 political groups to march from Tahrir Square to the SCAF headquarters in protest

Egypt - Politics
7/23/2011 2:07:52 PM
Angered by SCAF statements against the 6 April Movement, political groups renew calls to march on the council's headquarters Saturday

Egypt - Politics
7/23/2011 1:24:30 PM
Political groups aligned to the January 25 Revolution defend the 6 April Movement, and call for peaceful march to SCAF HQ Saturday

Egypt - Politics
7/23/2011 1:06:57 PM
Following SCAF's statement accusing the 6 April Movement of creating strife, the youth movement denies involvement in Friday's anti-SCAF demonstration

Egypt - Politics
7/23/2011 11:30:00 AM
SCAF statements charge 6 April Movement with dividing the army and the people

Egypt -
7/15/2011 2:40:31 PM
The 6 April Movement has announced a new list of demands including a new "revolutionary" government with no interference from the military council

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