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Egypt - Politics
7/23/2011 5:36:26 PM
Thousands are answering the call made by 28 political groups to march from Tahrir Square to the SCAF headquarters in protest
Egypt - Politics
7/23/2011 2:07:52 PM
Angered by SCAF statements against the 6 April Movement, political groups renew calls to march on the council's headquarters Saturday
Egypt - Politics
7/23/2011 1:24:30 PM
Political groups aligned to the January 25 Revolution defend the 6 April Movement, and call for peaceful march to SCAF HQ Saturday
Egypt - Politics
7/23/2011 1:06:57 PM
Following SCAF's statement accusing the 6 April Movement of creating strife, the youth movement denies involvement in Friday's anti-SCAF demonstration
Egypt - Politics
7/23/2011 11:30:00 AM
SCAF statements charge 6 April Movement with dividing the army and the people
Egypt - Politics
7/15/2011 3:47:56 PM
Egypt -
7/15/2011 2:40:31 PM
The 6 April Movement has announced a new list of demands including a new "revolutionary" government with no interference from the military council
Egypt - Politics
7/9/2011 4:21:32 PM
Upping the pressure for their demands to be met, protesters in Port Said have embarked on a hunger strike
Egypt - Politics
7/3/2011 5:18:40 PM
The 6 April Movement says that reports that it has called for women to avoid Tahrir Square at night are false
Egypt - Politics
7/3/2011 1:52:28 PM
Ahead of demonstrations planned for 8 July, the 6 April Movement insists that erroneous claims against it by National Security only show how valid are calls for the Interior Ministry to be overhauled
Egypt - Politics
7/2/2011 2:03:11 PM
After much debate in Tahrir the 6 April Youth Movement ended its 4-day sit-in Friday night, but say they will return if their demands for justice aren't met
Egypt - Politics
6/19/2011 1:55:01 PM
Revolutionary youth movement to nominate possible candidates for foreign minister's post
Egypt - Politics
6/14/2011 11:07:10 AM
Revolutionary youth movement objects to Foreign Minister candidate, El-Naga, for her former support of the ousted president
Egypt - Politics
5/26/2011 2:06:38 PM
Youth movement says it will work with the army and Ministry of Interior to ensure there is no security breakdown during tomorrow's 'Second Day of Rage' protests
Egypt - Politics
5/24/2011 11:39:51 AM
'Save the Revolution' Friday should call for fulfilment of the revolution's unmet demands, says April 6 Youth
Egypt - Politics
4/14/2011 6:04:12 PM
Arrests hailed as an achievement of the revolution but movement warns that it will return to the streets should the pace of reforms slacken
Egypt - Politics
4/13/2011 6:27:29 PM
Through all the rumours and intrigue surrounding the possible fate of Hosni Mubarak and his boys, a clear line can be drawn between today's announcement of their detention and the day the former president fell
Egypt - Politics
4/12/2011 3:04:16 PM
The 6 April Youth Movement declare their opposition to any former member of the regime holding a political position whether inside or outside Egypt
Egypt - Politics
4/7/2011 5:29:57 PM
Prominent Egyptian political figures joined film stars to celebrate the third anniversary of the 6 April Youth Movement, seen by many as the spark that culminated in the Egyptian Revolution
Arts & Culture - Music
4/7/2011 4:04:40 PM
On Wednesday 6 April, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina celebrated the opening of Alexandria Arabian Oud House
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