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Egypt - Politics
10/17/2013 8:11:41 PM
Opposition mounts against draft protest law that critics say will restore Mubarak-era police state

Egypt - Politics
7/13/2013 11:29:43 PM
Talks are part of former presidential candidate's wider efforts to 'communicate with different parties to contain ongoing crisis the country is facing'

Egypt - The Balance Sheet
10/7/2012 7:44:51 PM
Strong Egypt Party says president's estimate of progress in 1st 100 days in office out of proportion, policies mirror those of ousted dictator in some respects

Egypt - Politics
6/3/2012 10:01:13 PM
Before officially announcing their stance on presidential election runoffs Monday morning, three eliminated candidates present their demands against backdrop of mass Tahrir protests

Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
5/30/2012 9:57:15 PM
Presidential runners-up Sabbahi, Abul-Fotouh announce plans to unify activities, cooperate to expose claimed electoral breaches