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World - Region
2/5/2024 3:26:03 PM
Nineteen people, one of them a humanitarian worker, were killed in ethnic clashes over the weekend in the Abyei region straddling the border between Sudan and South Sudan and claimed by both, local authorities said.

World - Region
1/29/2024 5:43:52 PM
Fighting between rival communities in a disputed region claimed by both Sudan and South Sudan has killed 54 people, including two UN peacekeepers, the United Nations said on Monday, calling for calm.

World - Africa
3/7/2022 3:22:21 PM
A local official says at least 27 people were killed and four others wounded in an attack in the Abyei region that's disputed between South Sudan and Sudan.

Egypt - Politics
4/7/2021 4:24:11 PM
Sudan has asked the UN to replace the Ethiopian soldiers in the UNSFA mission in the Sudanese Abyei region with other nationalities, Sudanese foreign minister said

World - Region
1/22/2020 7:35:20 PM

World - Region
3/28/2014 12:53:38 PM

World - Region
10/31/2013 11:50:26 AM
Celebrations, including dancing and music, broke out following the announcement of the results

World - Region
10/29/2013 2:33:00 PM
Abyei residents wrap up final day of referendum voting to decide whether the region belongs to Sudan or South Sudan

World - Region
10/28/2013 12:10:05 PM
Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir promises to end dispute over Abyei, a region whose loyalties are divided between Sudan and South Sudan

World - Region
10/27/2013 1:32:57 PM
The referendum in Abyei that begins Sunday will not alone end the political crisis between North and South Sudan over the oil-rich region, but it may force the hand of both Juba and Khartoum

World - Region
10/26/2013 3:57:19 PM
Casting ballots for Abyei referendum to begin Sunday; results will determine whether region is to join Sudan or South Sudan

World - Region
10/22/2013 4:27:47 PM
Talks between Sudan and South Sudan over the disputed flashpoint region of Abyei made no progress

World - Region
10/22/2013 12:42:28 PM
Tribes in Abyei await results of Sudan and South Sudan talks Tuesday to decide whether a unilateral referendum will be held

World - Region
10/22/2013 10:20:06 AM
Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir visits South Sudan to discuss fate of Abyei, a town which has not yet joined either side

World - Region
10/21/2013 5:55:03 PM
Jonglei is one of the areas hardest hit in Sudan's 1983-2005 north-south civil war, which ended in peace deal that paved way for the South's full independence

World - International
10/20/2013 5:34:44 PM
Whether Abyei border region will join Sudan or South Sudan, its residents say will press ahead with their own referendum next week

World - Region
5/5/2013 2:39:57 PM
UN chief calls for calm in Sudan's Abyei region after the killing of a peacekeeper and a tribal leader

World - Region
4/12/2013 10:53:16 AM
Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir arrives to South Sudan for the first since the latter took independence in July 2011

World - Region
1/5/2013 10:18:46 AM
Salva Kiir and Omar al-Bashir are set to meet on Saturday in a summit in Addis Ababa; the latest of repeated rounds of African Union-mediated talks between the former civil war foes

World - Region
11/14/2012 1:24:03 PM
UN chief condemns the murder of a local staff member with the UN's peacekeeping force in Abyei, a contested region by the two neighbouring Sudanese states

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