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Antiquities - Greco-Roman
10/17/2021 6:41:47 PM
A collection of amphoras and lamps from the Byzantine era have been uncovered over the past month under the Tawfiq Andraos palace.

Egypt - Politics
8/22/2020 1:24:14 PM
Anthropologist Nahla Emam says Egyptians’ celebration of the Assumption of Virgin Mary is part of a wider cross-religion love of El-Adra

World - Region
4/4/2018 12:42:00 PM

World - Region
9/7/2016 6:13:09 PM

Books -
3/31/2016 8:46:04 PM
El-Aswany's novel was released on Wednesday in Hebrew without the author's permission, according to the writer's Twitter page

World - Region
3/28/2016 6:07:20 PM

World - Region
9/11/2015 2:53:15 PM

World - Region
8/23/2015 1:41:10 PM

World - Region
6/10/2014 5:05:10 PM

World - Region
12/15/2013 1:36:31 PM

Egypt - Politics
10/24/2013 7:33:29 PM
Death of Mohamed Ibrahim Ali, in intensive care since Sunday, brings Al-Adra church attack causalities to 5

World - Region
7/21/2013 10:57:18 PM
Adra, near where at least 49 people were killed by the Syrian regime, lies en route to Damascus

Egypt - Politics
4/22/2013 2:58:28 PM
A spokesman for the Israeli army faces strong criticism from Egyptians after posting old photographs of a visit to the country

World - Region
3/1/2013 6:24:40 PM
Terrorist organizations, not Israel, are responsible for Friday's attack in Gaza Strip, military spokesman claims

World - Region
2/28/2013 9:19:00 PM
One of the most feared commanders of Al Qaeda's north Africa wing is reportedly among 40 militants killed three days ago in the foothills of the Adrar des Ifoghas mountains near the Algerian border

World - International
2/2/2013 12:12:35 PM
Accompanied by his ministers for defence, foreign affairs and development, French president Francois Hollande arrives in Mali

Folk - Special Files
8/23/2012 4:14:49 PM
Following a 15-day fast, Egypt's Coptic Christians celebrate the 'Dormition of Theotokos' on 22 August to commemorate the Virgin Mary's passing

Egypt - Politics
5/13/2012 6:54:15 PM
Ongoing case against eight activists imprisoned for participating in solidarity demo following 2011 Alexandria church bombing adjourned to 28 May