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2/2/2019 12:52:19 PM
The lecture will take place at 7pm

Egypt - Politics
11/17/2013 12:41:17 PM
El-Muslimani says Brotherhood backtracked on their initial plan to join interim roadmap under US pressure

Egypt - Politics
10/28/2013 6:20:59 PM
The British daily asserts its commitment to independent coverage in the region

Egypt - Politics
10/28/2013 3:03:17 PM
Ahmed El-Muslimany condemns newspaper's coverage of Mohamed Morsi's removal and subsequent crackdown on Islamists

Egypt - Politics
9/29/2013 9:55:02 PM
Ahmed El-Muslimany plans to meet with former members of the Islamist group to 'hear their points of view'

Egypt - Politics
8/26/2013 6:38:47 PM
Presidential media adviser is expected to discuss ways to end the current political crisis with the party, a key political player

Egypt - Politics
8/5/2013 11:50:39 PM
Presidential media adviser Ahmed El-Muslimany says no ministerial posts have been offered to Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt - Politics
7/29/2013 7:31:23 PM
Egypt presidency does not see victims of violence in terms of their affiliation, says media adviser Ahmed El-Muslimany