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Opinion -
3/9/2018 11:31:48 AM
Though they have proliferated in Egypt particularly since the 1980s, successive governments have not given sufficient funding or priority to the country’s think tanks

Egypt - Politics
8/8/2016 5:49:03 PM
The court ruling comes after Ahmed Nazif's acquittal last May on corruption charges

Egypt - Politics
5/4/2016 1:00:43 PM

Egypt - Politics
12/2/2015 1:11:11 PM
In July 2015, the criminal court sentenced Ahmed Nazif to five years in prison

Egypt - Politics
7/22/2015 7:02:02 PM
Ahmed Nazif was sentenced to three years in jail in 2013 for the unlawful possession of property and for making millions of pounds in illicit gains

Egypt - Politics
12/29/2014 11:29:07 AM
Mubarak-era ministers Habib El-Adly and Ahmed Nazif are facing a retrial in the so-called 'licence plates' case

Egypt - Politics
9/21/2013 12:53:48 PM
Former premier Ahmed Nazif and former Interior minister Habib El-Adly face retrial on corruption charges also implicating former finance minister Youssef Boutros-Ghali

Egypt - Politics
6/25/2013 4:07:37 PM
Egypt's former prime minister Ahmed Nazif to face retrial over LE92 million licence plate contract

Business - Economy
6/20/2013 12:54:40 PM
Mubarak-era Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif to be released; court refuses to renew custody order on illicit gains charges

Egypt - Politics
6/15/2013 1:15:49 PM
Egypt court adjourns appeal trial of ousted president Mubarak, former prime minister and interior minister, who are trying to avoid e a $77 million fine for cutting mobile communications during the 2011 uprising

Egypt - Politics
6/13/2013 11:39:43 AM
Mubarak-era prime minister Ahmed Nazif to face retrial on charges that he used his political authority to acquire personal wealth, overturning September 2012 conviction

Egypt - Politics
1/20/2013 10:09:14 PM
Controversy continues to rage over Cairo's tiny Qursaya Island, ownership of which is claimed by both local residents and Egypt's military

Egypt - Politics
11/18/2012 1:20:00 PM
Court settles fight over the Nile University campus, giving one building to the university and the other to prominent chemist and nobel prize winner, Ahmed Zewail

Egypt - Politics
11/11/2012 2:52:23 PM
A court has postponed the verdict over the University's disputed land to 18 November

Egypt - Politics
11/10/2012 4:24:26 PM
Mubarak and two of his former prime ministers are accused of endangering Egyptians by burying nuclear waste on Mediterranean coast

Egypt - Politics
6/13/2012 9:27:47 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood revealed in a statement that a meeting did happen between the group and State Security in fear of their members being arrested; they stress that no deal was cut with the former regime

Egypt - Politics
12/20/2011 4:20:42 PM
Former prime minister Ahmed Nazif charged with abusing ‎his position to accumulate wealth

Egypt - Politics
8/8/2011 1:48:47 PM
Ousted president, former prime minster and minister of interior appeal against conviction for cutting communication links in Egypt in the early days of the 18-day uprising

Egypt - Politics
7/25/2011 3:24:09 PM
An Egyptian military court adds 15 days to the detention time of former prime minister ‎Ahmed Nazif

Egypt - Politics
7/25/2011 2:16:34 PM
Egypt’s former prime minister, Ahmed Nazif, has become the first deposed regime figure to be referred to a military court

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